Khloë: 4 months old (17 – 18 weeks)

I’m a little behind on updates due to our illness and travelling so here are two weeks combined:

17 weeks (April 1)

17 weeks (April 1)

18 weeks (April 8)

18 weeks (April 8)

Khloë was sick with bronchiolitis from March 31 – April 9. I talked about her illness here and posted an update here. Her phlegmy cough and clogged nose are gone. She is definitely sleeping and nursing better, and her disposition is back to normal. I missed my happy, smiley girl!

We spent April 6 – 9th in Kingston visiting family. Khloë and I made the rounds, visiting those who didn’t mind seeing a sick baby (and a sick mama). We spent a lot of time hanging out and shopping with my sister Crystal. My mom, Crystal, Keesje, and Aunt Margaret and cousin Brittini sent us home with tons of gifts (ie. clothes and princess stuff) for Khloë. She is so spoiled!

Gorgeous girl

Bright eyes

I’ve noticed Khloë’s skin has broken out again. The steroid medicine for her illness had cleared up the eczema on her forehead and temple but now it’s back full-force. She also has a rash around her chin from constantly drooling.

She is still in size 2 diapers and wearing a combination of 3-6 month, 6-9 month, and 6-12 month sizes, depending on the items. She’s approximately 14 lbs.

Khloë’s four-month needles are coming up next week!

An update on Khloë’s illness

As Khloë’s symptoms were not improving, and her cough and rattling breath was worrying me, I took her to see her doctor late Wednesday afternoon. On Monday she had seen a nurse practitioner, but this time it was her family physician. Dr K took a look at her and said that it looked like bronchiolitis.

She sent us down the hall to the ER (the health team is located in a hospital) and we checked Khloë in. They took us right away. She was examined by another doctor and given a steroid drug that would help with her breathing and breaking up the mucous. Khloë was getting upset by this time; she really wasn’t feeling well and didn’t like the constant poking and prodding. The doctor sent us to the X-ray department because she wanted to rule out pneumonia.

Jordan had to put her in the Pigg-O-Stat, a contraption that looks like a torture device to children (and to Mommy). She was closed in with her arms above her head, crying because she didn’t know what was happening; I felt so terrible for having her in there. The technician took the x-rays very quickly, though, and within minutes Khloë was out. She looked so pathetic and sad in that thing.

After that ordeal, we went back to see the ER doctor. She said she’d had a look at the scans, but without a radiologist there to examine them, she wasn’t 100% certain it was pneumonia. She said she could put Khloë on an antibiotic that it may turn out she didn’t need, or we could wait until the next morning for the radiologist to view the scans. We decided to wait for the results.

Because Khloë wasn’t nursing very well with her difficulty breathing, I woke up at 4 am Wednesday morning with a severe pain in my left breast. Mastitis struck again! By 10:30 am I had developed a fever, headache, and chills. Khloë and I slept most of the day until it was time to see Dr K. At Khloë’s appointment I mentioned that I was sure I had mastitis again. One quick peek, and Dr K wrote me a prescription for clindamycin.

So we went home with sick baby and antiobiotics for Mommy.

Thursday morning Khloë seemed in better spirits. The rash on her face and torso had disappeared. However as the day progressed she got fussy and began to cluster feed. She still isn’t feeling well but she was at least breathing better. I continued to give her Tylenol to help her sleep.

By today (Saturday), I could tell she’s feeling better, though she does have a lingering cough. We plan on heading to Kingston for a few days to visit family. Unfortunately, I came down with a cold Wednesday night and I feel pretty miserable right now.

Khloë visits a farm (and her first illness)

…The Agriculture & Food Museum in Ottawa to be exact!

We spent the weekend at Serena & Cheepow’s. Our two year old niece, Zoë, liked having baby Khloë to “play” with. Mostly she would sit beside her and watch me change the baby’s diaper, dress the baby, or nurse the baby.

On Saturday Jordan and I decided to use his sister’s free pass to the Agriculture Museum to take Khloë to see the animals. We bundled Khloë up against the chill and put her in the stroller for the first time. She seemed comfortable and didn’t fuss.

First stroller ride

First stroller ride

The museum is not all indoors. Basically you walk from building to building to see the animals. There were cows, pigs, goats, and sheep. We also listened to a talk about honey bees and saw the cows being milked. I think it would have been more enjoyable in better weather; it was muddy and a little cold when outside.

Look, it's a cow!

Look, it’s a cow!

Look, it's a tractor!

Look, it’s a tractor!

Watching the cows get milked

Watching the cows get milked

Before leaving I tried to nurse Khloë in a quiet corner in the Learning Centre but she got really fussy and wouldn’t drink. I figured she was getting tired and needed her nap. We took her back to the house and I put her down for a nap. She seemed a little stuffed up but I didn’t think much of it.

By 1:30 am on Sunday morning I had to suction the snot out of her nose because she was having a hard time breathing. I kept waking up to the sound of her choking on mucous. Later in the morning, after nursing her, she was really fussy and nothing would make her happy–definitely not the norm for our girl. We all headed to church and I kept thinking to myself that I should have stayed at the house with her. Mother’s intuition! She cried almost the whole time and I spent the whole service in the nursing mother’s room trying to console her. She didn’t want to nurse and finally slept about 30 minutes. Her nose was still pretty clogged.

Back at Serena’s she finally had a good breastfeeding session and fell asleep for two hours. When she woke she had developed a nasty cough. I gave her some infant’s Tylenol because I was afraid she was getting a fever. The medicine seemed to improve her spirits enough to do a little photo shoot with her cousin.

Photo shoot at Aunt Serena's

Photo shoot at Aunt Serena’s

Khloë & Zoë

Khloë & Zoë

We got all packed up and made the 2.5 hour drive home; Khloë slept almost the whole journey. I gave her more Tylenol to help her sleep, suctioned her nose again and fed her. In between doses she was able to sleep but her breathing and coughing sounded awful.

As soon as her doctor’s office opened Monday morning I called and made an appointment. The nurse practitioner confirmed Khloë most likely had a virus and that we were to continue to give her Tylenol, nurse her as much as she wants, and let her sleep. She checked Khloë’s ears and chest, which sounded clear, and said that the mucous was all in her sinus area. Hopefully this illness doesn’t last more than a couple days; my poor girl is miserable and I miss her beautiful smiles. And I think she might be passing her cold on to Mama…

Khloë: 3 Months Old (16 weeks)

My baby is getting close to being 4 months old!

16 weeks (March 25)

16 weeks (March 25)

On Tuesday of this week, Khloë and I went to the next session of “Make the Connection”. She didn’t nap very well in the morning and I had to wake her 20 minutes after falling asleep to put her in the car seat. Unfortunately that meant that about a half hour into “MTC” she got really cranky and made her “I want to sleep” noises. Not even nursing made her happy so I put her muslin blanket over her face to block out the bright lights and rocked and jounced her in my arms until she fell asleep. She missed most of the songs and playing. I hope next week goes better.

I picked up Khloë’s prescription for hydrocortisone cream to treat the eczema on her arms and legs. It doesn’t seem to be working. Also, her scalp is still so dry. I coat her head with coconut oil every morning.

Big smile!

Big smile!

So not impressed...

So not impressed…

She is still in size 2 diapers. We just purchased our fourth huge box. This is the longest she has remained in the same size. As for clothing, more of the 3-6 month sleepers are getting snug in length, as are some onesies. I think I’ll go through the next size up and see if anything fits yet. The 3-6 month and 6 month pants all fit great still.

NOTE: This entry was posted from my tablet. We are in Ottawa visiting Jordan’s sister’s family. Pictures will be added when we get home!

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