A walk on the moon *

I think it’s about time for a proper blog! I’m excited for Christmas Day because my mom is having a dinner at her house. Mmmm, turkey! I absolutely love turkey. And sweet potatoes. I think she’s making those, too. 😀 The only dish that will be missing is “potatoe thingy”. 🙁

I watched a bunch of trailers for movies today. I want to see “King Arthur” and “Troy”. Yes, still haven’t seen those. lol I was reminded about them when I walked through Wal-Mart today on my way to work.

Speaking of work, today there was a luncheon. For the last few days Keesje has been obsessed about this luncheon. lol Lots of food and crackers and yummy desserts. Not half bad. 😉

Moving day is looming closer. Five days to be exact.



    cool for wordpress… i just deleted B2 completely because I’m not currently using it and i was getting WAY too many spams.

    ps. your thing says URI, not URL… just thought i’d tell you. 😉

    merry christmas!!!


    Hey hun! Been a while :] Stopping by to say hello and wish you Happy Holidays! Hope all is well. Take care of you.


    Hey Girl!! Merry Christmas!! I need to switch to something else instead of b2 – the spam is getting out of control – is it hard to configure?? Well take care – Hope your holidays go wondefully 🙂 Talk to ya soon

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