It must be St. Nick

Merry Christmas, everyone! I hope you guys had a wonderful day, ate lots of turkey and stuffing, and made at least one person smile. 🙂

We went over to my mom’s around noon today to exchange gifts. I got the 3-disc Collector’s Edition of “Titanic”, a cell phone (Kees got one too), some chocolates and flavoured coffee, Melissa O’Neil’s CD, and a book from my mom and Mike. I bought my mom a watch with a pink face and gave Mike a box of Turtles chocolates. From my dad I got another book and some money. Devon’s mom gave me “Mr & Mrs Smith” plus a gift card for Chapters (yay, more books!). Gave my dad a Chapters card cuz he’s a book freak like me! I’m really happy with everything. 🙂

Wore my pretty burgundy skirt that I bought in Toronto. Spilled wine on myself. Ate so much food that I couldn’t manage any dessert. Took lots of pictures. Had lots of fun!

Shortly after my aunt and uncle and cousins left, my mom drove us home. I’ve been playing around with my phone, figuring things out. heheh Hopefully I can activate it tomorrow.



    Awww yay sounds like you had fun. What kind of cell phone is it? Happy holidays! 🙂


    Hey Kavy! Wishing you a merry christmas :D. Thanks again for fixing up my blog and it sounded like you had fun :D. Yes, your layout is brilliant once again. I think I’m going to see that movie either this week or weekend! 😀


    oh wow i’m late in this one… but merry christmas kavy! it sounds like you had a really nice one, too! a new phone… yay!! they’re always fun to figure out. hehe. and books! 🙂 did you see the movie yet? i saw it on the 23rd and it was really good. 🙂


    Merry Christmas to you, even if I am untastefully late xD. Sounds like you had a great Christmas, so did I. Getting a new cell phone sounds like fun! 😀

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