Happy New Year

I completely forgot to write about New Year’s Eve. Just went to a party/potluck at Laney’s. Because I’m lazy, I’ll paste what I wrote at my MySpace: Took tons of pictures, didn’t drink that much, had personal space invaded, felt like dancing, woke up at 9:30 the next morning when Laney decided it would be funny to jump on top of me and Kees. As Jocelyn’s T-shirt professed, “good times”! Hope everyone else enjoyed their New Year’s.

Work was pretty busy today which means it went by quickly. I was supposed to go over to David’s and watch a movie but somebody injured himself so that is cancelled. 😛 Instead, I made some new linking buttons for Nancy’s Emanuel Sandhu site. Oh I’ve been working on a new layout.

Ugh I have a pain in my side. Hurts when I laugh. Stop makingggg me laughhhhhhh.



    glad you had a good new year 🙂 it sounded like fun… except for the personal space invaded.. unless you liked it… lol. but yeah. yayyyyy for new layouts!!! this one is beautiful but it’s been here since october, yes?


    oo i take it back.. since august it’s been here 😛 still, lovely movie, though the book was way better.


    *pokes you in the side then runs off giggling evilly*…*comes back and pokes once more* Glad you had a good New Years, yay for potlucks! (Even though I don’t think that’s how they are spelled…lol)

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