Deck the halls with boughs of holly *

Merry Christmas! We opened gifts this morning. From his housemates, Jordan got a huge Dodge Ram remote control truck that he’s been racing around the house, popping wheelies. lol I gave him a box-set of the “Lord of the Rings” books (including “The Hobbit”), some boxers, Zelda: The Wind-Waker for Game Cube, lots of chocolates and candy in his stocking, a gift certificate for his favourite store (Canadian Tire), some energy drinks for the drive tomorrow, and a big bottle of body wash.

From Ryan & Stacey, aka Santa, I got a new loofah and satsuma perfume! Yum!

Got quite a bit of things from Jordan — three sets of scarves and mittens (one blue with sparkly snowflakes, which I think is my favourite; a colourful striped one that reminds me of a candy cane; and a lavendar set). Also some pink snowflake pyjamas, a really soft fluffy pink robe from Bluenotes, pink snowflake slippers, lots of black and white ankle-socks (cuz all my socks have holes in them), and a pair of black and pink running shoes for work. In my stocking were a couple pairs of earrings, Ferrer Rocher chocolates, Terry’s Orange chocolates (the individually wrapped ones), a Spongebob toothbrush (haha), a Spongebob lollipop, and a new razer. 😀

Around noon we are going over to my mom’s. Then over to my aunt’s for Christmas dinner. Then back here for another dinner with Ryan & Stacey. Oh the food we will consume today!

Jordan and I are heading out to New Brunswick tomorrow afternoon (when I finish work) until January 2nd, so I won’t be around to update either this blog or my fanlistings until then. 🙂

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    New Brunswick! I’m from Fredericton.. That’s awesome :] I don’t even know who you are.. You were just linked off a Grey’s fanlisting.. so yeah. Happy New Year!

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