Here today, gone tomorrow

I haven’t been home very much since Jordan arrived back in town the night of May 28th. Besides working, we have spent a lot of time together. It’s amazing how much I missed him but now that he is home I feel like he had never left.

Yesterday we drove to Ottawa to visit some of my cousins. Keesje came with us. We left in the morning and I drove all the way there. It was a little nerve-wracking, especially when we went through towns, and even more so once we hit Nepean and had to find Delia’s apartment. Delia and Sinyoung’s baby daughter, Jeena, is getting so big. She’s adorable!

After a little visit there, all of us drove out to Sara & Greg’s. That was another half hour to forty-five minute drive east of Ottawa, but this time Jordan drove because we took the 401. We had a barbeque for Sara’s birthday, sat around and took pictures, ate, got attacked by bugs, etc. I didn’t bring my bikini, otherwise I would have gone swimming in the pool. Jordan happened to have swimming trunks in the truck so he jumped in for a bit!

Ooh, I bought a new camera: the Canon S3 IS that I have wanted since it came out!

Jordan has gone away again, this time to New Brunswick. He left this morning with another guy from work and they should be back Thursday at the latest. Then we have a nice little weekend planned. 🙂

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