The weather has taken a turn for the…better? After having all that rainy, cold weather during what is supposed to be spring, all of a sudden we’ve had a heatwave. Yesterday was so hot and humid that walking outside felt like walking into a sauna. I am so glad that I work in an air conditioned building.

Plane tickets and hotels are booked for our trip to Thailand. I cannot believe we are actually doing this!



    Hey I think we’ve finally got summer now too, I was watching the news and jealous of your weather and now it appears to have shifted our way 🙂 You better take tons of pictures in Thailand, seriously!! 😉 When do you leave? Is your hubby home yet?


    ps…I am actually updating my blog again-ish.

    Hallie Stites

    Been to Phuket Island a couple of times now, first time was in July 2003, then back at New Year 2007. What a fantastic holiday spot! It provides for everyone: if your searching for cozy locals there is masses of them, if you want delicious food there is plenty and night life is amazing. If you want a low-cost holiday, you can have it – if you need a expensive holiday, you can have it also. My friend is totally in love with the place and has just bought into a hotel over there. My children love it as well. What a fantastic place to celebrate Christmas!

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