Our Adventures in Phuket, Thailand – Part III

***Continued from previous post.

July 19 – 3:40 pm – Karon, Phuket
By the time we got out for breakfast, it was lunchtime. Decided to try “The Little Mermaid”. Me: pancakes, bacon, water; Jordan: big breakfast of all sorts of things, a beverage. **Cost 295B ($9 CAD) and no tip. Didn’t receive any syrup or butter for pancakes that the menu said I would get, and I asked for sausages and was given bacon. However we did use the free wireless with our laptop. Stopped at a shop and picked up a set of wood chopsticks for Delia, a postcard to send to Dominique, and a little elephant purse for Jeena. **Cost 62B ($1.90 CAD). At the 7/11, got Fanta and ice cream. **Cost 54B ($1.50 CAD).

10:30 pm – Karon, Phuket
While it rained, watched some episodes of “Sex & the City”. Finally were able to go for a swim afterward. Cloudy skies, water chilly. Took a few pictures in the pool. An Irish guy came into the pool area and took a picture for us and we talked to him for a bit. Saw some cats sunning themselves on the lounge chairs, it was pretty cute.

Went out for a walk, looked in some shops for ball caps but too expensive. Walked down the road along the beach and had dinner at “Vitaporn”. Me: spaghetti carbonara, garlic bread, iced tea; Jordan: bacon cheeseburger, fries, Fanta. **Cost 495B ($15 CAD) and left 500B note. Much too expensive for tiny portions. Not that good. Before we ate, played Connect 4 that the waiter brought over. After food, walked over to the market by the beach but it was closing up for the night. Stopped at 7/11 on our way back for iced coffee (very strong) and cold chocolate Ovaltine. Going to watch some episodes before bed.

July 20 – 3:30 pm – Karon, Phuket
Decided to try brunch at “The Little Mermaid” again. Wireless internet wouldn’t work. Me: chicken burger, fries, iced tea; Jordan: fried eggs, bacon, a beverage. **Cost 295B ($9 CAD) plus tip. Chicken burger had no taste and iced tea too sweet. Disappointing visit, don’t know why I tipped.

Walked to the market by the beach but nothing jumped out at me. Getting frustrated by the shopping experience, everything seems to be the same everywhere we go. On our way back stopped at “Andaman Coffee Co” for a chocolate frappé with whipped cream and blueberry smoothie for Jordan, which we drank inside in the air-conditioning. **Cost 200B ($6 CAD) and worth it! Huge waves crashing onto beach but not much cooler by the water, still hot. Everything is very grey today but so far no rain. Finally someone sold Jordan a BMW ball cap at a decent price at the “short-cut market”. **Cost 150B ($4.50 CAD). At the same place, different stall, bought a pink Diesel skirt for a gift and an orange sarong for my mom. **Cost 400B ($12 CAD) for both.

4:30 pm – Karon, Phuket
Swam in upper level pool. Water still cold and sun has disappeared. Called Jenny at Simba Sea Trips and rescheduled our Phang-Nga Bay tour to Wednesday due to weather. Hopefully won’t have to cancel, I’ve been looking forward to this boat trip.

8:30 pm – Karon, Phuket
Found a new place for dinner, “Sopa Restaurant”, a small place. Me: spring rolls, chicken fried rice, Sprite; Jordan: spaghetti with chicken, garlic bread, a beverage. **Cost 360B ($11 CAD) plus tip. I liked my meal but Jordan said the spaghetti sauce tasted weird.

July 21 – 11:05 am – Karon, Phuket
Woke up early and showered but Jordan is just getting up now. We’ll go out for food soon, I am starving! Beautiful day, clouds are less severe, can actually see horizon.

10:40 pm – Karon, Phuket
It’s been a long day! Had breakfast at “Karon Cafe”. Me: French toast, bacon, fried eggs, water; Jordan: pancakes, fried eggs, bacon, water. **Cost 345B ($10.50 CAD) plus tip. Delicious food! Stopped at 7/11 for cough drops for Jordan. Back to hotel to cool off. Jordan watched a movie on TV and I fell asleep. Woke up and “The Other Boleyn Girl” was on. Decided to go out for a walk around 4 pm. Walked down the beach with our feet in the water and sun on our shoulders as far as the Hilton Arcadia.

At the Hilton a security guard showed us into the hotel to “Caffe Cino” where we had some delicious ice cream and cream cheese-filled danish pastry. **Cost 196B ($6 CAD) and well worth it. We looked around the hotel after. Absolutely gorgeous! We should have stayed there, so many pools and the grounds are amazing.

Since we had gone that far we decided to keep walking to see where the road would lead. We found ourselves on the outskirts of Karon. Stopped at a convenience store for two cans of Lipton iced tea and we sat on a wall in front of a hotel to drink them. Kept walking and entered Kata. Saw a restaurant that looked like it stepped out of “The Flintstones”. Looked at lots of shops. Bought a pretty turquoise pashmina scarf. **Cost 245B ($7.50 CAD). Got some more DVDs for 60B each at a shop. **Cost 360B ($11 CAD). At dark we turned around to find a restaurant. Not sure of the name but it advertised bacon cheeseburgers “all day, every day”. Busy atmosphere. Me: grilled chicken stuffed with ham and garlic sauce, fried potatoes, chocolate milkshake; Jordan: ham and cheese grilled sandwich, French fries, beer. **Cost 450B ($13.75 CAD) and no tip, getting low on cash. Food very good. Long walk back to hotel. Stopped at 7/11 for water, ice cream, chips, iced tea. **Cost 92B ($2.80 CAD). So cheap!

July 22 – 4:30 pm – Karon, Phuket
Woke up at 8:00 am from a phone call from Jenny at Simba Sea Trips. She confirmed tomorrow’s pick up time to be 8:05 am. Fell back to sleep, woke up late, and went out for lunch. Ended up at “Angus O’Tooles”. We split a Hawaiian pizza and eggs on toast, two chocolate milkshakes. **Cost 370B ($11 CAD) plus tip. Used the free computer to check our emails. On our way back to hotel looked at some scooters to rent but they wanted us to hand over our passport for them to keep until we return the scooter. No way were we doing that. At the hotel we checked with reception and the lady told us we could rent a scooter from them for 3 days at 150B a day. We decided to think about it. Went out again and this time Jordan got two Harley-Davidson ball caps. **Cost 300B ($9 CAD). Went for a swim in the lower level pool, which doesn’t smell of chlorine and is much nicer. I can hardly brush my ruined hair.

9:30 pm – Karon, Phuket
Left the hotel and stopped at a shop that is usually closed every time we’ve passed by. Ended up buying another BMW ball cap for Jordan (150B) and a green skirt and blue Billabong skirt. **Cost 300B ($9 CAD) for both. Ate dinner at “One Man Restaurant” again. Me: sweet n’ sour chicken with steamed rice, Sprite; Jordan: cheeseburger, French fries, a beverage. **Cost 345B ($10.50 CAD) plus tip. Very good food and service like usual. Afterward went to a 7/11 to get Jordan a beer and some ice cream for me. **Cost 47B ($1.40 CAD). So cheap! Then into a grocery store for bread and a little jar of Skippy peanut butter. **105B ($3 CAD). Also cheap! A loaf of bread in Ontario is $1.50 to $2.50.

Went back to hotel through the short-cut market. Bought a blue floppy hat for the boat trip tomorrow. **Cost 150B ($4.50 CAD). At another stall, a Nepalese girl invited us into her shop to look around. Decided to be nice and actually go in and take a peek around. I found a black tube Billabong dress. **Cost 300B ($9 CAD).

***Continued in next post.

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