Return to Canada

Since Jordan left in the middle of January, we haven’t had much snow. Any snow that did accumulate usually melted by the next day. I am not a fan of shoveling the driveway; Jordan has always done it since we moved here. I was informed that he would be returning to Canada on the 26th. Unfortunately, the past three days we had a huge snowstorm and our driveway was quite deep. Plus the plows had been driving by all night, piling snow at the end of our driveway.

The morning of the 26th I resigned myself to the fact that I would actually have to shovel out the driveway, because if I couldn’t even get the truck OUT to go to work, how was he going to get a little Corolla IN? Anyway, the snow was really heavy and wet and after an hour I felt too sore and like I had barely moved any snow. Luckily, at that time a pick-up truck with a plow pulled up and pushed the snow away from the end of the driveway for me. I was so thankful! I managed to clear out a bit more snow, but then gave up. I then started to clear the snow off the truck and succeeded in breaking the windshield wiper on the driver’s side. Wonderful! I was quite frustrated by now. Off to Walmart for wipers. I didn’t have a clue what to buy, and had to get an associate from automotive to help me pick out the proper wiper. Then I rushed to work. And then left work early to rush home only to find out the flight time was changed to later in the night.

I tried waiting up for him but fell asleep 12:30 pm of the 27th. It wasn’t a deep sleep because I was half listening for car tires in the driveway. Finally he showed up around 3 am. I’m thankful he’s home and the lucky guy has a couple weeks off work. Now he has to unpack and do lots of laundry.

I just got back from a long day at work – a regular shift plus a staff meeting. We were fed pizza and pop, which was nice. Now for two days off.

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