Gardening with Mom

Yesterday evening, after work, I met my mom at Walmart’s garden centre and picked up some gardening supplies. I’ve never planted anything before and my mom is the best person to help me since her gardens are always so beautiful. I picked up three kinds of lilies: an asiatic, a pink one, and a red one; and yellow and purple pansies. I want to start out simple.

The other day it actually got cold and snowed. This is what my garden looked like:

Snowing in late April

This morning was very sunny so my mom came over and we started digging up the yucky weeds. First she told me what plants were already starting to come up in the garden so that I could recognize them. These are sprouting: phlox, bleeding heart, irises, hasta, and Jacob’s ladder, plus various bushes and one plant that she has no idea what it is. She also brought me, from her own garden, more hasta and cranesbill geraniums, and an orange lily (possibly; she thinks it could be orange).

So we dug up lots of weeds and planted the pansies by the walkway, and the lilies by the deck. I think they will look so pretty once they grow and bloom. The tulips against the house, in the driveway, have opened, drinking up the sun. Except for allergies, I love spring! I also love taking photos of plants.

Blooming tulips

Once Jordan comes home I’ll need him to help turn the soil so we can put down a layer of peat moss.

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