Flock of seagulls

I’m cooking up four chicken breasts to put into a recipe: quick country chicken with biscuits. I hope it turns out, as I’ve never made it before, but the picture in the book looks tasty! I’m going to be working all weekend and I have house guests coming to stay. They’ll have to entertain themselves while I slave away at work. But I’m going to try to leave them some food for dinner. That reminds me, I need to get clean sheets on the futon upstairs.

This afternoon I went to visit Amy at her new townhouse. The place looks great and she already has pictures on the walls. It took me ages to get photos up when I moved into this house! We sat in the living room in front of the fan watching TV and chatting. I don’t have cable so I was quite enjoying myself watching random shows! We saw part of an episode of Canada’s “Next Top Model”, watched “One Hit Wonders of the 80s” on Much More Music (awesome!!!), and then some Jessica Simpson show about beauty. Ah, sometimes I miss television, other times I don’t!

Only another month to go before EUROPE!!

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