Another Easter

Happy Easter! Today is Good Friday and I have the day off work. I will have Sunday off as well. This morning I chopped vegetables and seared some stewing beef and threw them into the slow cooker for tonight’s dinner with my sister and father. Bread is baking in the bread maker. And I made a batch of “spicy dads” cookies. Mmm, the house smells delicious!

Cadbury mini-eggs

I’m looking forward to visiting with my family tonight. I haven’t seen my dad since February, or maybe January? I can’t remember, and that is very sad. He says he is looking forward to hearing my stories about Jamaica and Las Vegas. Same with my sister, who is almost thirty weeks pregnant, which is unbelievable! My youngest sister comes home from college this weekend so hopefully Jordan and I will be able to go over to my mom’s for a visit on Sunday.

Spicy dads

I still haven’t finished writing the post about our trip to Jamaica, but it will eventually get finished. And then I’ll post some photos from our adventures in Las Vegas, Nevada from the beginning of the month! We have been incredibly lucky to be able to go on all these trips and I love sharing our stories and photos. 🙂

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    I hope you had a lovely easter with your family!

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