The birth of baby Ashe

I am officially an aunt as of July 6th, when my nephew Ashe Christian was born at 7:23 pm. He weighed 6 lb 13 oz and is the tiniest, sweetest little guy.

My sister Keesje first started having intense contractions starting midnight of July 5th (Tuesday) just as she went to bed. At 5:30 am that morning she txted me to say they were 5-7 minutes apart and that I should probably head into town so I rushed down to her apartment. Once my mom, Crystal, and Lukas showed up, the contractions stopped for awhile. We tried going for a walk, but that just made her more tired. We stayed with Keesje for most of the day but nothing was really happening. I ended up going home late that afternoon.

The next morning I received another txt from Keesje at 7:00 am saying that her contractions had started up at midnight again and now they were 10-12 minutes apart. She said the contractions were painful but tolerable, and she was able to talk through them. By now she’d had next to no sleep since July 4th.

I left my house by 8:00 am and received a txt on the way that her contractions were already at 3-5 min apart and that my mom was rushing her to the hospital. I met them there to pick up the dog, which I had to drive over to mom’s and leave there. Then back to the hospital by 9:00 am, only to find out she was only 2 cm dilated! Keesje’s “cheering squad”, as we later became known as, consisted of mom, myself, Crystal & Lukas, her good friend Jocelyn, and eventually three other girlfriends.

Around 11:00 am, after only half a centimetre of progress, they started Keesje on morphine and Gravol for the pain, which made her drowsy, and broke her waters. We kept going in and out of her labour room to keep her company. We knew by then that it was going to be a long day. The nurse started her on oxytocin at 1:30 pm with the hope that her contractions would get stronger and that she would dilate faster.

Around 4:00 pm she was only at 3 cm but in a lot of pain and asked for the epidural. By 5:30 pm she was at 8 cm dilated; finally making good progress. At 7:00 pm she was complaining that she could feel the contractions again, that the epidural was wearing off, but she was definitely at 10 cm by then. She was given an hour to rest before pushing. However that was cut short because the nurses were concerned that she had preeclampsia: she’d developed a fever, high blood pressure and lots of swelling in her legs. So after only 15 minutes of pushing, Ashe was born!

Ashe Christian

Both Keesje and baby (and daddy!) are doing fine and she’s been breastfeeding successfully. She upgraded to a private room so that Luc could stay the night with her and the baby, and that also allowed Crystal, Lukas, and I to visit past midnight. That first night Ashe was sent to the NICU because he had a lot of fluid still in his lungs. When he breathed it sounded all phlegmy. He was released out of there the next morning, good as new. I went to visit again Thursday evening after work and Ashe is still so tiny. They were released from the hospital Friday afternoon.

1 day old

4 days old

Big yawn

5 days old

I have had the past few days off work so I’ve spent some afternoons visiting Keesje, Luc, and the baby. I can’t get enough of holding him, cuddling him, my beautiful little nephew. 🙂

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