Khloë: 8 weeks old

My oh my, 8 weeks old!

8 weeks old

8 weeks old (January 28)

This post is a little late in the week but I don’t always have time to get on the computer. Not much new in development. Khloë is getting better at holding her head up but still dislikes tummy time. She loves to stare at faces. There are always plenty of grins when we put her on the change table; she knows she’s getting a clean diaper to poop in! She continues to sleep in a bassinet in our bedroom.

Diapers are still size 1 and clothing size 0-3, although some 3-6 month pants fit her. She has SO much clothing!

She's getting big!

She’s getting big!

Aunt Crystal meeting her niece

Aunt Crystal meeting her niece

This weekend my mom, two sisters, and nephew came up for a visit. Crystal met her niece for the first time and fell in love. 🙂 She brought a suitcase full of clothes and other items for her, too. My mom and other sister brought gifts as well. My girl is so spoiled! Also, our church threw a baby shower for Khloë and I on Saturday. Yes, SPOILED!

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