Khloë: 4 months old (19 weeks)

My growing girl’s latest photo:

19 weeks (April 15)

19 weeks (April 15)

Khloë had her four month needles on April 15th. Just like last time, she got upset after the second jab and was difficult to calm down, but she didn’t choke while nursing this time. A friend suggested breastfeeding her during the needles but that doesn’t seem to help her discomfort. Dr K also put in a consult for Khloë to see a pediatrician in Ottawa because she’s still concerned about her neck muscles not being strong enough for her age.

Due to the time of her doctor’s appointment, we missed another session of “Make the Connection”. But we did get out to Prenatal Nutrition this week. All the girls have had their babies!


This weekend was Khloë’s first Easter! We didn’t do much as she really has no idea what it means right now. We spent the Saturday at Ryan & Stacey’s. Jordan helped his friend build a play structure in their backyard while Khloë and I hung out with Stacey and the girls. On Easter Sunday we got Baby Girl dressed up and took some photos, then went to church. Sunday evening we had potluck dinner with a group of friends from church. It was an enjoyable weekend.

This week Khloë also had her first real giggle! I kept blowing raspberries on her stomach and she thought it was hilarious. 😀



Happy Easter!

Eek my baby will be five months old in couple weeks!

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