Khloë: 6 months old (26 weeks)

My growing girl and her Hello Kitty doll:

26 weeks (June 3)

26 weeks (June 3)

Each week it’s a little more difficult to get a perfect photo with her doll. Khloë’s neck control hasn’t improved and she is constantly falling over during photo shoots. Poor girl. It helps having Daddy there to act silly for her, which causes her to look up and try to hold her head steady.

Jordan started parental leave this week. He will be off until the end of November. Perfect timing because we will have many trips to CHEO and also to the pediatrician in Ottawa. In between all these appointments, we are planning to take two weeks this summer to go back home to New Brunswick so that Khloë can meet her great-grandparents and other family members.

Purple zebra

I'm six months old!

I’m six months old!

We went to Circle Time for the first time this week. It starts right before the Prenatal Nutrition group. Basically we sit with our babies on a large round mat and sing songs and play with them. Afterward, those of us registered with Prenatal Nutrition stayed and made a ground beef and pasta dish for lunch. Khloë did really well missing her morning nap, but that meant by the time we got home she didn’t want any naps! I find if she misses one nap, then the rest of the day gets messed up for nap time. But that’s okay because we need to get out of the house once in awhile!


Finally, we had a visit from Baby Welcome Wagon. We were given a few coupons for free gifts around town, including vouchers for free flowers, a teddy bear, $5 at Giant Tiger, etc.

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