Khloë: 7 months old (32 weeks)

We have recently returned from a week spent in Bar Harbor, Maine and a week in New Brunswick at my husband’s parents’ house. I have quite a few entries to post; I hate being this behind but I had no way of updating.

My darling girl’s latest:

32 weeks (July 15)

32 weeks (July 15)

Nothing significant happened this week. We prepared for our 2.5 week trip out east to visit family by looking up travel routes, hotels, and packing. Khloë and I visited Amanda and her boys. Stacey and the girls came over and gave Khloë a box full of costume jewellery for photo shoots. And we bought a new stroller! The old Peg Perego we were given bit the dust. The new Harmony Odyssey we got is perfect for Khloë’s needs.

Cutie pie

All blinged out

Roses & pearls

On Saturday, we loaded up the car with an insane amount of stuff and drove the five and a half hours to Sherbrooke, Quebec. Baby Girl did great in the car the first day, but by day two she was not impressed with long travel days. We reached Bar Harbor Campground on Sunday evening!

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