Khloë: 8 months old (38 weeks)

My little girl:

38 weeks (Aug 26)

38 weeks (Aug 26)

This was a crazy week! We spent August 26th to September 4th in Ottawa while Khloë had surgery and recovered. Unfortunately we got stuck at CHEO over the long weekend and had to cancel our trip to visit family in Kingston.

I’m not going to go into much detail about our hospital visit because I want to save that for a separate longer post.

On the Tuesday of this week, when we finally received confirmation that the G-tube surgery would take place the following day, we loaded up the car with all our stuff–I think we need a bigger vehicle already–and made the familiar drive to Ottawa. Khloë recovered well after Wednesday’s surgery and only had to spend one night in ICU. We had a much longer stay at the hospital because Khloë hadn’t gained any weight since the beginning of July and the dietician wanted to make sure we had a diet plan in place. When she was finally discharged on Sunday, Khloë had gained enough to satisfy the doctors.

Last photo shoot before surgery

Getty Owl bracelet

We spent Labour Day relaxing in our family suite at Rogers House or out for a walk around the neighbourhood. Khloë liked being out in her stroller, in the carriage position, watching the sky and trees overhead. We dressed her in T-shirts and pants rather than onesies.

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    Auntie Keesje loves you Khloe!!

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