Khloë: 10 months old (46 weeks)

I took this photo at the end of the week when we were home from CHEO:

46 weeks (October 21)

46 weeks (October 21)

Khloë’s Oma bought that adorable ballerina skirt for her before she was born. Loved seeing her finally get to wear it!

Meeting baby Mia (iPhone)

Holding my new niece (iPhone)

All the girls with Khloë

Like the previous post, there isn’t much I can write here since I’ll be talking about the majority of the week’s craziness in a separate post. We were discharged from the hospital late Wednesday afternoon and then spent Wednesday to Friday chilling at Rogers House, getting Khloë used to her new Trilogy BiPap ventilator. We were allowed to leave anytime on Friday. The great news is that my sister-in-law, Serena, had baby #2 around 4 am Friday morning! So after we packed up our load of stuff we drove over to see her at the hospital. Khloë got to meet her brand-new cousin, Mia! The above pictures were taken on my iPhone as I hadn’t packed my Canon 60D. New rule: always pack camera even if we assume we will only be away for one day because that can change in an instant!

Pretty girl

White dress for church

Rock n' roll sista

Of course on the weekend I had to do some fun photo shoots with Baby Girl! After almost a week and a half away from home, I went a little camera-crazy. But that’s okay! Nothing eventful happened during our first weekend home with the BiPap ventilator. Khloë seemed to have adjusted to it alright.

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