Khloë: 11 months old (50 weeks)

Khloë is laying down for this week’s photo. She’s having difficulty being upright for any length of time.

50 weeks (November 18)

50 weeks (November 18)

Not a whole lot went on this week. We made the trip to CHEO for Khloë’s first RSV vaccination on Friday. As mentioned previously, she will receive the Synagis shot once a month until March to protect her against this nasty bug. Once we registered, she was weighed (19 lbs) and then given one injection. She did get upset, but it didn’t last long.

Such a gorgeous baby

Sweet baby hands

A week ago I ordered a petite size Wisp mask for Khloë. I really dislike how the Pixi fits her face. Unfortunately, the headgear is too big so we can’t use it yet. The mask itself is a good fit. We are trying to rig something up so we can use the mask on her with either the velcro hat or Pixi headgear (which sort of fits). Very frustrating. But for now we have to keep using the Pixi for BiPap.

Night time set-up

The above photo is Khloë’s nighttime set-up in her bedroom. On the far left is the Kangaroo Joey feeding pump and behind it on the stand is the Trilogy BiPap machine. Sitting by her head is the CoughAssist and at her feet is a Masimo Rad8 pulse oximeter. On the floor is her suction machine. Everything within easy reach in case of emergency. All of these pieces of equipment aid us in managing our daughter’s neuromuscular disease!

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