Chocolate and TS2

I went to Erin’s birthday potluck last night with Lane. I brought “potatoe thingy”, aka hashbrown potatoe casserole. We hung around there for a little while, but I hardly knew anyone so it wasn’t as fun as it could have been. When I came home I had a huge craving for chocolate, and my dad decided to go on a chocolate run. He brought me and Keesje a huge Dairy Milk to split. So yummy!

I played The Sims 2 this morning for a couple hours. My Indian Sim mommy just gave birth to another baby girl. For some reason my Sims in Veronaville only have girls. Sehr strange. I have yet to have a set of twins. 🙁

A cool breeze in the night *

I have been saving up for a digital camera and I’m very close to my goal. Very exciting. 😀 I’m going out to Wal-Mart after my shift tomorrow to find out for sure the price of the camera I want and then I will know exactly how much money I need. I can’t go by the Wal-mart website because I think it’s in American dollars.

Today is my dad’s birthday and I gave him a cake because he didn’t want any gifts (just like my mom). Keesje gave him his favourite snack food: apple cinnamon crunchies. My parents’ birthdays are too close together! lol

I had dinner at Kendra and Jay’s last night. Marcel came over too and we watched a bunch of “Friends: Season 9” episodes. I really need to catch up on my Friends DVDs! I only have seasons 1-6. I’m just a little behind. 😉 We took some photos because Kendra kept wanting pictures of me with my hair down for the slideshow I’m putting together for their wedding. The most amusing part of the night was when the boys had a water fight with the squirt bottle. 😛 Oh and I found out that Marcel and Julia’s baby is due November 3rd, right on Keesje’s birthday! lol

“Dude. Mister Turtle is my father. The name’s Crush.”

My mom’s birthday is on Saturday and then on Sunday it’s Mother’s Day. I have to work late on Saturday so I thought I would give my mom her gift yesterday because she had the day off. She kept saying she didn’t want any presents so instead I bought her a delicious apple cinnamon pudding cake and fresh strawberries.

After I finished work I came home to let Destiny out, then ran over to Mom’s. She was outside in the backyard supervising while Krystal weedwacked. She was surprized I had brought her some treats. I convinced her to pick Keesje up from work at 5:30, which she did, and then back at her house she unwrapped Keesje’s gift–three floating lily pads for the pond in the backyard. They’re really cute. One of them has a bullfrog sitting on the lilypad, which we have named Bella; another has a bigger turtle with a baby one sitting on his back, so we called them Crush and Squirt (from Finding Nemo lol); and the third lilypad has a mommy turtle and two babies, and they are nameless at the moment.

For supper my mom barbequed chicken and I made tomato alfredo noodles and sliced up the strawberries. Nice how we just invited ourselves over for dinner, eh. 😉 We had the strawberries and apple cinnamon cake and chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream for dessert. I was so full yesterday I could hardly move. lol

The Land of Harry Potter

This is going to be quite a jumbled entry, I can tell. I forgot to add in my previous entry two more “remember when…”‘s:

– Nancy and Keesje sang “Home On the Range” with their own creative lyrics (“…where the deer and the canteloupe roam”) while sitting on the fountain at the Eaton Centre.
– the guy on the bus asked Keesje three times if he could sit in the empty seat beside her and she ignored him. Actually, she was listening to my Discman so she couldn’t hear him. lol

My first day off since Toronto. I’m finally able to do my laundry. This past week has been crazy at work with the dollar/two dollar sales we’re having for the store’s 10th Anniversary. My feet feel like they’re going to fall off.

Amy, Rebecca, and Recca have reached England and Herstmonceaux Castle safely! Amy has already sent me a bunch of photos of the plane-trip and the Castle’s grounds. The place is so beautiful! It looks like a movie, with the grass so incredibly green and the idyllic scenery (moat, trees, red phonebooths…).

While getting ready for work, Keesje has been listening to her Jem & the Holograms playlist. So I have a medley of Jem songs stuck in my head. lol

Ahh! My mom’s birthday is this Saturday! And then Mother’s Day is on Sunday. And then my Dad’s birthday is next Friday! Eep.

“I’d say, more like a friendly suggestion.”

It’s Easter time and last night my mom came over to give us some Caramilk Eggs and Creme Eggs. I love them; too bad they aren’t sold all year round! Keesje and I watched “Mulan II” and it’s a really cute movie with fun songs. haha We love Mulan!

What else have I been up to? Went out for St. Patrick’s Day with Amy, Rebecca, and Mark…Easter is pretty uneventful as we’re not doing anything besides making ourselves sick with too much chocolate….

I’m finally getting a few more hours at work. I had Wednesday off so I spent the day with Kendra & Jay. We watched some “Friends” episodes, went to the mall and Wal-Mart to try to cure our boredom (didn’t work), and then out to dinner with Marcel & Julia. It was nice finally meeting her! We had Chinese buffet. I’m not a fan of buffet but everybody really liked the place. Afterward we headed over to Marcel’s and I met his new roommate. It took us ages to figure out which movie we would watch. lol We settled on “The Forgotten” with Julianne Moore. The movie was good, but creepy.

Anyway, I have to leave for work! I know it’s going to be incredibly busy there. Eek.