Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day!

We didn’t really do anything to celebrate but Jordan and I did load our dirt bikes onto the truck and drove out to a spot he usually rides at. I think we rode for about an hour and a half and that tired me right out.

Dirt biking on Canada Day

Please ignore my helmet hair. 🙂

A visit to Ottawa

As I said in my previous post, I worked the Saturday of Easter weekend. When I got home we packed an overnight bag and headed to Ottawa to visit Jordan’s sister and her husband. They recently moved to Ontario from New Brunswick and at the time were staying in a hotel while waiting for the moving truck to show up. They invited us to stay the night in their suite and the next day we wandered around the city, playing tourists. We walked around Parliament Hill, some markets where I tried my first Beaver Tail (yum!), hung out on the roof-top garden at the closed mall, and purchased some books at the Chapters across the street.

Sunset over a lake

Coloured skies

Easter gifts

Parliament Hill

Statue of Queen Elizabeth II

Apples & cinnamon Beaver Tail

I bought the new Sophie Kinsella book, Mini-Shopaholic, and another book I’ve been wanting to read for some time now: My Maasai Life (Robin Wiszowaty). I also checked out the Kobo e-readers on display and fell in love. 🙂 I am now a proud owner of one of these devices, and I absolutely love it!

Another Easter

Happy Easter! Today is Good Friday and I have the day off work. I will have Sunday off as well. This morning I chopped vegetables and seared some stewing beef and threw them into the slow cooker for tonight’s dinner with my sister and father. Bread is baking in the bread maker. And I made a batch of “spicy dads” cookies. Mmm, the house smells delicious!

Cadbury mini-eggs

I’m looking forward to visiting with my family tonight. I haven’t seen my dad since February, or maybe January? I can’t remember, and that is very sad. He says he is looking forward to hearing my stories about Jamaica and Las Vegas. Same with my sister, who is almost thirty weeks pregnant, which is unbelievable! My youngest sister comes home from college this weekend so hopefully Jordan and I will be able to go over to my mom’s for a visit on Sunday.

Spicy dads

I still haven’t finished writing the post about our trip to Jamaica, but it will eventually get finished. And then I’ll post some photos from our adventures in Las Vegas, Nevada from the beginning of the month! We have been incredibly lucky to be able to go on all these trips and I love sharing our stories and photos. 🙂

Raise your glass *

Okay I know I still haven’t finished my posts about our trip to Europe from October, but I have been busy! I do plan on finishing the posts. 🙂 I also have a ton of photos from Jamaica that I would like to post as well. Jamaica was great! However, I never expected to go to the Caribbean and feel cold. Most of the days I wore long-sleeves because the breeze made me shiver and I was constantly covered in goose bumps. There was a bit of rain off and on throughout the beginning of the week we were there, but the last two days were absolutely beautiful and hot! So stay tuned for some upcoming travel posts…

Gift basket from Nancy & George

This weekend my good friend Nancy and her boyfriend George drove up for a visit. I hadn’t seem them since our wedding in August 2009. They arrived Saturday around lunch-time and we ended up spending the afternoon at the mall shopping. Poor George was so bored but Nancy and I really like to shop together! Then we went out for a quick bite to eat at Quizno’s. After eating we picked up my sister and came back to the house to hang out and snack on veggies with dip and crackers and cheese. While the boys played “Halo: Reach”, we baked a batch of Skor cookies. And then we sat down to eat the country chicken stew I had thrown into the slow cooker that morning.

Skor cookies

Moose steak

Candle holder from Bath & Body Works

On Sunday, we exchanged something at the mall and then headed downtown. We were lucky to have such nice weather this weekend. The sun was out and although the air was crisp, it definitely felt like spring was on its way. Found some used movies at “Chumleigh’s”. Drank green tea and a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks. And then back home. I started to prepare shepherd’s pie for dinner while Jordan pan-fried a moose steak for him and George to sample. Both boys said the meat turned out good but I wouldn’t try it. Our guests had to leave early so they missed dinner, but it was great to have them here even for only 2 days. 🙂

Goodies from the gift basket

Alcoholic goodies

Except for the body scrub, another gift from Nancy!

Now, on Friday I had a bit of an incident. Initially I was not supposed to work that day but the schedule was changed while I was in Jamaica and I came home to discover that instead of a four-day weekend, I now had only three days. I had planned to clean, grocery shop, and bake that day. Instead I had to rush-clean Thursday night after work, didn’t bake anything, and then Friday morning I drove out to No Frills for groceries. I had to get home, dump the groceries, and then go to work. However, on my way back from the grocery store I was coming around a corner from one busy road to another with two lanes of turning traffic when all of a sudden the “check gauges” light dings on the truck dash, the vehicle shuts itself down, and the power-steering fails! I couldn’t keep the wheel turning because power-steering died (God knows I tried), I didn’t know what was going on, and I almost crashed into the vehicle turning beside me. That person must have saw me veering because he sped up and instead I ended up in a snow bank. Luckily I didn’t hit anyone or hurt the truck or myself! I sat there while traffic surged around me, in a panic and not knowing what to do! It took me two tries to call Jordan’s cell phone because I couldn’t remember the number (shock) and when I did get a hold of him, he said he’d be there in 20 minutes to tow me. I was afraid of getting hit by turning traffic since my truck wasn’t off the road enough. I texted my friend Stacey just so I could talk to someone while I waited, to calm myself down, and she said that she was right around the corner with her husband. So they came to my rescue! Her husband, Chris, works on cars so he got the truck going again and pulled it into a parking lot. I was so thankful! He looked under the hood and figured it was the Electronic Throttle Control that had failed, which also caused the power-steering to fail temporarily. There also happened to be an issue with the EGR valve. My poor truck! Once Jordan and a friend from his work arrived, we took the truck into the shop and spent almost $400 fixing the damn thing. 🙁 After all that, I wasn’t even late for work!

Two Christmases

Welcome 2011!

In front of our Christmas tree

Christmas was great with my family and our trip out to New Brunswick to visit Jordan’s family for the New Year was just as wonderful and relaxing. We drove the car this year, rather than the truck, hoping to save on gas money. Luckily, we didn’t spot any moose on our drive, but we did see a couple deer in the middle of the road. We arrived in time for a New Year’s Eve dinner at my sister-in-law’s house.

Home-made Vietnamese rolls on New Year's Eve

We stayed the week at Jordan’s parents’ house and ate way too much good food. Each day his mother cooked lunch and dinner, and I’m definitely not used to eating that much food! We visited two of Jordan’s friends (whose wives are expecting, both due in January, but they didn’t have their babies until the week after we left), hung out with family, went on some walks/hikes, and Jordan even went snowboarding. He ended up spraining his right wrist and wore a tension band all week!

Jordan’s sister, Serena, sold her house while we were there and she came with us back to Ontario. Her husband is living and working in Ottawa and now they can buy a house there. They’ll be much closer to us now! His parents should be coming down in the spring to visit and they said they would help us with some renovations around the house. We need to paint some walls and fix the roof over the kitchen!

Jamaica = 18 days!