Why do I have to be sick?!

I have been working on adding things to my installation of MediaShelf, a cool script Kees found and showed me. All of my books have been added and now I need to work on putting in my movies and music collection. You know, cuz I have nothing else to do. 😛 Anyway, my collection is here.

This domain comes up for renewal on the 19th, and never fear I will be renewing for a fourth year! I can’t believe this site has been around for three years…crazy. Oh that reminds me, I need to upgrade to the newest version of WordPress. Gah. Too lazy at the moment.

Just watched “View From the Top” with Devon. That movie is amusing. hehe Oh guess what. I woke up this morning with a damn cold. My head hurts, my throat hurts, my nose won’t stop running, I keep sneezing, and what’s worse is that there is no Kleenex in the house so I’ve been using toilet paper and my nose is starting to go red. 🙁 If I still feel shitty tomorrow I’m gonna have to call in sick to work, which sucks because then I’ll only have thirteen hours this week. Grarg.


I can’t believe I am sick. Such nice weather and finally it’s spring, and BOOM I have a cold — sneezing, runny nose, stuffed up head, sore eyes. I feel like shit. And I have to go to work so that next week I have a good enough paycheck to pay rent and have a little bit of cash left over. If I cancel any shifts, I’m screwed. 🙁 I’m so tempted to call in sick, but Kees has already done that, and plus I really can’t. And of course there’s no cold medication in the house so I’ll have to stop at Loblaws and see if mom can buy me some so that I don’t have a running nose at work.

My friend Marcel and his girlfriend are going to have a baby and he sent me the ultrasound today. Sort of hard to see in all the fuzz of the picture. lol But it makes it all much more real just seeing outlines. Very cool.

Who knew dusting ledges could be so hazardous?

My cold is a bit better. I had to take some medication at work yesterday to stop my nose from running during an 8 hour shift, though. It helped a lot until I started doing some of the “daily duties” that have to be done by the time the store closes. Sweeping under all the mats at the cashes really didn’t help my nose.

I also dusted the ledges around the windows — this is before I swept the mats — and managed to slice open my thumb on the metal siding. It bled and I got a band-aid from the pharmacy but I wasn’t able to clean it properly and with all the dirt from moving mats, my hands were pretty filthy. I could hardly write on the Void/Item Not Found sheets because I couldn’t bend my thumb very well. The band-aid fell off when I was cleaning the conveyor belts at my cash at the end of the night and starting bleeding again but the pharmacy was closed so I couldn’t get a replacement band-aid. And of course we don’t have any at home.

This morning the cut opened up and bled a bit again so I rinsed my thumb under the tap, dabbed on Polysporin, and wrapped some Kleenex around my thumb and taped it on! 😀

Not feeling so hot

Yet another headache. And this time it is accompanied by a cold. I woke up yesterday with a scratchy throat and by the time I got to work, it had turned into a cold. It was just awful trying to serve customers and sniffling and then going upstairs to blow my nose. Then after work I went over to Kendra’s, and the cold seemed to get worse. Luckily today is my day off, and I’ve managed to sleep, but now I’m bored of sleeping and I want to read, but my head hurts. And here I am on the computer which isn’t making my head any better. But at least sitting upright isn’t making my nose run. I haven’t had a cold in so long that I forgot how horrible they are. If I’m not feeling any better by tomorrow I’ll call in sick. And maybe it’s about time we got some Advil or something in this house. Ugh.

So very tired

My head is pounding right now. This headache has come and gone for two days. There’s no ibuprofen in the house and I didn’t work today so I couldn’t pick any up from work. I should go to bed, as that helped yesterday.

Still working on transferring the domain name figuristka.org to Netrillium. I didn’t realize it would be so complicated with getting authorization keys, etc. Argh. I hope it goes through okay before the domain expires.