Computer issues

My computer is still being upgraded/fixed by my darling husband. It’s a pretty old machine and my husband took out the old hard drive and replaced it with a new one. He also upgraded XP to Windows 7. However Windows 7 lags, even with all the updates installed. So far it looks like the motherboard is too old to be supported by the new operating system. I may need a new computer. In the meantime, I can still write posts on my tablet, but I can’t add photos from my DSLR camera. I’ll have to go back and add photos in at a later date!

Books are fun

I am feeling quite bogged down with work. I don’t have time for some things like I used to, like my websites, but I have renewed this domain for another year and I will continue to blog when I can and update fanlistings when I can.

I’m going to be moving early September. Jordan and I looked at apartments this morning near the military base (it is military housing) and I am pretty certain we have found a three-bedroom. We just have to wait for a confirmation. Ah, the joys of moving yet again.

Bought some new books today at Indigo: The Virgin’s Lover by Philippa Gregory to complete the trilogy, The Undomestic Goddess and Shopaholic & Sister by Sophie Kinsella, and The Josephine B. Trilogy by Sandra Gulland. Excited to get lots of reading done in the coming months when I have an hour-long bus ride to work. 🙂

“Wow, that smells like I wanna eat it!”

I hate spam, don’t you? I think it’s about time I updated my forms at Spiral because all I get is SPAM. Anyway.

I went shopping today for a Valentine’s Day gift. Jordan said no chocolate (he still has a lot left over from Christmas), so I had to come up with something else to get him. I ended up finding a bunch of little things and putting them in a gift bag. Can’t say what they are in case he reads this. 😛 Of course since I was at the mall I stopped by Garage Clothing and used up my gift card on some extra long tank tops. And I bought two pairs of dangly earrings half price. And a candle that smells like I want to eat it!

This morning I received a phone call from Jysk, a new store that is opening up in town. I applied for a full-time position at the beginning of the month and they invited me to a group meeting Saturday morning. I hope I get this job because I am sick of juggling two of them.

Let me feel your breathing *

Not up to much lately. Lots of working. Lots of moving fanlistings from one domain to another. Went over to Jordan’s yesterday after work. Washed their pile of dishes; folded some laundry; did my own laundry. Came home this morning, went back to bed for a couple hours, then got up and tidied up the apartment. Didn’t do the dishes though. haha Wrapped a couple presents. Got ready for work. Leaving in a few. Be home tomorrow night to cook Jordan and I dinner. Maybe we’ll watch a movie.

Moving day looms near

On Sunday Kendra had her 24th birthday. A bunch of us met for dinner at The Copper Penny. Mmmm, I love their food! Afterward we went back to Kendra & Jay’s house and played Balderdash. Not really a fan of that game.

Frozen. Brrrrr!

Moving in ten days. Lots of stuff packed.

My media page has been updated with the new version. I readded everything except for movies because they are packed. I’ll add them after the move on October 1st.