Walking between the raindrops *

Tomorrow I work my last shift at JYSK. I will have worked there just shy of 6 years and it feels weird knowing that I am almost finished. I will miss many of my co-workers, especially those who have become good friends. It’s kind of like the end of an era, since I am the last person left of the original crew from when the store first opened. Crazy. The district manager was in today and did our “blue sheet”, which is basically a score sheet for the store. My cash area received 9.5 out of 10, so I can go out on a good note. 🙂

Moving Day is just around the corner. On Wednesday the movers will show up to pack the house; Thursday everything will be loaded onto the truck. And on Friday, after we clean and drop the key off to the lawyer’s office, we will no longer own this old country farmhouse. Then on the weekend we will drive up to Petawawa with the stuff the movers won’t take (liquids, personal items, etc) and check in to Grey Gables Manor Bed & Breakfast until our stuff shows up.

I am both anxious and excited to start our new life up there. But I’m also sad to be leaving behind all my friends and family. I know it’s only a 3 and a half hour drive north, which doesn’t sound very far away, but it certainly feels like we are moving to the ends of the earth. I’m really trying to go into this posting with a positive attitude, otherwise I will be miserable.

A little crawling machine

Work has been pretty crazy over the past month. We have a new store manager and everyone was bumped down to part-time hours. That’s been hard on the bank account! Plus my husband and I spent a week this month in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Hopefully issues at work will start to work themselves out. As for our trip to the sunny Caribbean island, it was fun! A trip post will follow soon, I hope.

My 7 and a half month old nephew is now a crawling machine!

He's on the move!

7 and a half months old

Waiting for lunch

Beautiful smile

Heading out in a few minutes to visit with Kendra and baby Hannah, who is now 3 months old.

May in photos

Let’s see, what has happened since the beginning of the month since I last wrote?

Tulips bloomed and then died.

This year's tulips

Baby shower #1 for my sister.

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Baby shower #1

Keesje @ 33 wks

Pin the Sperm on the Egg

Dusted off the bicycles and went for a bike ride!

My bike

I bought a white iPhone 4.

Fridge full of potluck food

Won a contest at work ($25 gift card for a store of my choice) and had a yummy potluck!

Meatballs in slow cooker

Pasta salad


I light a fire in your new shoes *

Things have been pretty busy around here. I have been working a lot, which is good, and Jordan has been on holidays. Now that Christmas is only around the corner, work is getting really busy. We’ll be spending Christmas Day at my mom’s, like usual, with family. And then the following week Jordan and I will be leaving for New Brunswick to spend the first week of January with his family.

And in February — Jamaica! Yes, that’s right, the Caribbean! Very excited to be visiting Montego Bay.

Celebrity sighting: Avril Lavigne came through my line at work yesterday, which was cool. She wore huge black sunglasses that covered half her face but we could tell who it was, especially by her voice and her mouth. She was with a tall guy with dark hair, which my sister thinks could have been Brody Jenner, but as I have no idea who that is, I can’t confirm it. I cannot for the life of me recall what she purchased, but she spent just over $18 USD. I bought the $20 USD she paid with! However, I’ll be spending it in Jamaica. 😉

Last but not least, Keesje is 12 weeks 2 days pregnant. 🙂 Due in July!

Gasoline, I defy thee!

Let’s see. On Sunday I worked until 6:30, which is an hour later than usual for that day of the week. Reason being “Friends & Family” night at work. When I got home, Jordan barbecued hamburgers for dinner. I love hamburgers. I could eat one every day as long as it was cooked on the BBQ.

A yummy hamburger

I found out that my darling husband crashed his motorcycle somewhere in town and gasoline spilled all over his clothing. He is okay, except for a nice scrape on his knee. We tried washing his clothes and jacket once on Sunday and twice Monday during the day, but they still came out of the wash smelling like gas. I decided to air the clothes outside on the line for awhile to see if that would lessen the stink, which it did somewhat. Did a bit of Googling and discovered that baby oil or Coca Cola gets out gas stains/smells, or white vinegar.

Tried the vinegar; didn’t work. Went out to a grocery store with Jordan and we picked up a bottle of Johnson’s baby oil, hit up Costco for some groceries, and came home to try again. One wash with the baby oil, and the smell is gone! Excellent.

Five lovely new books

While at Costco I bought some new books! They were ten or eleven dollars each, which is quite cheap for a lovely trade paperback book. I’m so excited to start reading!