Don’t let me leave you in suspense

Ugh. Work. Two days ago I had a dream that my till at work was short $114. Just a dream, right? I went into work yesterday and saw that my name was on the list to see our store manager in the office…turns out my till was short $99. I am still confused about that, as we haven’t figured out where that money went. I didn’t have any refunds on the till, no debit problems, didn’t leave my till unattended…although the lady who was on my cash before me did leave a piece of paper with the till’s code written on it just laying around…but I don’t know. I’m not in trouble, at any rate.

Then today, during an older lady’s debit transaction, my computer completely locked up. Let’s just say old ladies are bitches. She was in “such a hurry” and yet she wouldn’t listen to any of the store manager’s options as to what to do about her groceries and payment that would have got her out of the store quickly…no, she had to argue and be a bitch. It was sorta funny the way she was acting, but I felt bad for Kevin who had to deal with her. Ugh. Old ladies. So because of the debit working/not working, my till might be out by a lot or over by a lot. We shall see tomorrow.

“It’s got more syllables, dude.”

Nothing important has happened since my last blog. See, my life is so exciting. I’ve been playing The Sims 2 a lot the last few days. I had taken a break from it — a two month break — and now I’m back into it. Whenever I get playing TS2 I forget about my online stuff. 😛

I really need to finish moving the rest of my fanlistings before the 22nd because that is when’s hosting account will expire. I’ll be renewing the domain name and then hosting it at my reseller. 😀 Anyway….must go play TS2.

“But your name tag says ‘My name is Wade’.”

My New Year’s Eve was spent unpacking my bedroom. Plans sorta fell through, but I guess that’s fine because it gave me a reason to get all my stuff put away. I am such a Procrastinator. Yes, with a capital P! 😛

Just got home from work and plan on moving some more fanlistings. Oooohh, Keesje bought Orange Crush pop without my knowing which is funny cuz I had a craving for it. She is psychic, ya know.

Oh my, the funniest thing I have watched in awhile — The Strangerhood. The mini soap opera videos are made from The Sims 2. Soooo funny! Drrrrrrrrrrnt.

Delightful is just the word for it

I’m back! We’ve moved into the new house but there is still a lot of unpacking to do. On Wednesday, Kendra picked me up from work and she helped me assemble my new computer desk. Can you believe it took us over five hours to put the thing together? The good thing is it looks so nice. 😀

I have been lazy with finishing up the unpacking in my room because I’ve been so tired. My hands have small blisters from assembling the desk, my feet are sore from work…I just want to lay around and do nothing! lol Ah well, shall stop complaining. I should actually be getting in the shower and getting ready for work on this delightfully windy, pouring rainy New Year’s Eve!

Moving day is looming near

Today is Finish Packing What We Haven’t Already Day. This means that tomorrow is Moving Day. 😉 I’ll be on MSN most of today but moving starts at 8 a.m. tomorrow morning and then I’ll be internet-less until tomorrow evening sometime. Bye!!!