I can’t believe I am sick. Such nice weather and finally it’s spring, and BOOM I have a cold — sneezing, runny nose, stuffed up head, sore eyes. I feel like shit. And I have to go to work so that next week I have a good enough paycheck to pay rent and have a little bit of cash left over. If I cancel any shifts, I’m screwed. 🙁 I’m so tempted to call in sick, but Kees has already done that, and plus I really can’t. And of course there’s no cold medication in the house so I’ll have to stop at Loblaws and see if mom can buy me some so that I don’t have a running nose at work.

My friend Marcel and his girlfriend are going to have a baby and he sent me the ultrasound today. Sort of hard to see in all the fuzz of the picture. lol But it makes it all much more real just seeing outlines. Very cool.