I’m the question, and you’re of course the answer *

Jordan’s been back since Friday. I baked brownies Thursday afternoon after having my hair dyed and brought some over for him when he got home. They were pretty yummy. 🙂 On Sunday we went out for a late dinner at Denny’s with Keesje. And yesterday after work the three of us went to XS Cargo to buy a kitchen table and chairs, but there weren’t any left in the style Kees and I wanted so we have to go in next week when the next shipment comes in. We picked up a few other things for the apartment: a clock for the kitchen, a phone with caller display, and an asnwering machine.

Just over two weeks to go before we move into the apartment. I’ve packed up a couple boxes of books, but that’s all so far. My room is pretty messy right now; stuff is everywhere, and since I’m never here to clean up, it’ll probably stay this way until everything is packed!

Had my eye doctor appointment today. My prescription has changed a little bit. I found a pair of frames I like so I think I’ll get them next week. The ones I have right now are four years old and the right arm is broken and very close to falling off (no, it’s not taped on :P).