“Dude. Mister Turtle is my father. The name’s Crush.”

My mom’s birthday is on Saturday and then on Sunday it’s Mother’s Day. I have to work late on Saturday so I thought I would give my mom her gift yesterday because she had the day off. She kept saying she didn’t want any presents so instead I bought her a delicious apple cinnamon pudding cake and fresh strawberries.

After I finished work I came home to let Destiny out, then ran over to Mom’s. She was outside in the backyard supervising while Krystal weedwacked. She was surprized I had brought her some treats. I convinced her to pick Keesje up from work at 5:30, which she did, and then back at her house she unwrapped Keesje’s gift–three floating lily pads for the pond in the backyard. They’re really cute. One of them has a bullfrog sitting on the lilypad, which we have named Bella; another has a bigger turtle with a baby one sitting on his back, so we called them Crush and Squirt (from Finding Nemo lol); and the third lilypad has a mommy turtle and two babies, and they are nameless at the moment.

For supper my mom barbequed chicken and I made tomato alfredo noodles and sliced up the strawberries. Nice how we just invited ourselves over for dinner, eh. 😉 We had the strawberries and apple cinnamon cake and chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream for dessert. I was so full yesterday I could hardly move. lol