Take my hand, come under cover *

On Canada Day, Jordan and I drove down to my mom’s cottage. Amy and her boy friend came down too. Terrible weather, so no swimming, and we were chased inside by the rain. There was a lot of good food, though! We pretty much sat around and chatted all evening. When it got dark we watched the fireworks going off across the lake and since it had stopped raining finally, we had a campfire! Then Jordan and I slept in the guest cottage, which normally is quite warm, but because of the crappy weather it was chilly and I had the blankets piled on top of me.

The next day we woke up early and had eggs Benedict, bacon, and homefries for breakfast. Oooh it was delicious! My mom is the best cook. 🙂 Then we went out on the sailboat. It wasn’t too bad, it didn’t tip a lot, and there wasn’t much wind. So my first sailboat experience was alright.

Sucked about the weather. Is it too much to ask for, not to have RAIN on my days off? Gah.

Jordan has gone away for the weekend on a little bachelor “party”-type thing. The boys are going camping and canoeing. No idea where; he didn’t tell me that part. Hope they’re having a good time!

Fun in the sun

Yesterday Amy, Jordan, and I went to the Sandbanks beach. It was a little cool with the wind blowing and there were way too many seagulls! Just like the last time I went to the beach–two years ago–a seagull shit on my leg! Grosssssss. >_< And a flock of seagulls swooped down and knocked a sandwich out of Amy's hands. Attack of the seagulls! Anyway, Jordan and I only went into the water once and it was cold. lol I got a bit of a burn, not too bad, except that on my shins it's reallyyyy bad and at work today it was so painful that I could hardly walk or even stand for long periods of time. I kept going into the staff room to ice my legs. Everyone thought that was funny for some reason. lol But I was in pain! I also have a bit of a tan-line of my arm on my stomach from when I fell asleep. haha Tomorrow is Canada Day. I have the next two days off. We're going down to the cottage tomorrow afternoon for a barbeque and maybe swimming, depending on the weather. No fireworks, which isn't a big deal to me anyway. Should be fun. 🙂