You have my heart and we’ll never be worlds apart *

Right now I’m listening to music. Taking a break from cross-stitching, which I’ve been working on since I got home from work. It’s so dark in my room, even with the light on; makes it difficult to see the coloured thread properly.

I just enjoyed a bowl of Sara Lee’s strawberry cheesecake icecream. Quite yummy.

I want “Umbrella” for my ringtone. But for some reason I can’t download from MuchMusic anymore. I get an error every time I try. I’ve bought ringtones from that site before so this is really odd. I sent them an email, received one reply with a request to forward on some information, and fives days later I have heard nothing. >_< I want that song dammnit!

I just smile

I went over to my mom’s this afternoon to do a few loads of laundry. I brought the cross-stitch with me to work on, keep me busy. We left around 7:00 pm and mom drove me to the mall so I could find out my ring size on a couple fingers. That was my day.

Jordan should be coming home in about two weeks time. I cannot wait! These past — twenty? — days so far have been a form of torture. It’s cruel.

Holding onto one another’s hand *

Back to work today until Wednesday, then three more days off. I’m feeling spoiled; all this extra time to read and cross-stitch. The main middle object is just about complete and then I can start on the surrounding objects. This cross-stitch is huge, but it’s going to look great when I’m finished! 🙂

I hope today doesn’t drag by. Uh-oh, it’s Monday, and since I’m working a night shift it will certainly be slow. Damn.

I think I want to go to the Dominican Republic some day. Or some place tropical with a beautiful resort and lots of sunshine. That would be fun! I’ve never been outside of North America so it would be an adventure for me.

Well, it’s been eleven days. Not going by fast enough.

I see the hunger in your eyes

It was very close to the one-year anniversary of my previous layout so I thought it was about time I made a new one. And for the thousandth time, the new layout features Leonor Varela. What a surprize! haha At least Keesje understands. 😉

I enjoyed my Saturday off. I didn’t really do a whole lot. Talked to Jordan on the phone for a bit. We tried to chat on MSN but the computer he was on kept freezing. We were going to try using webcams but couldn’t get it to work. I would have loved to be able to see his face. But maybe it would have made me too sad…

Worked on the cross-stitch again and read some more of Shopaholic Ties the Knot (Sophie Kinsella). I am loving this series. It’s pretty funny and I hardly want to put the book down! Ooh, I also watched the movie “The Devil Wears Prada” which I loved!

Ich liebe dich. I think about you all the time.

If my heart had wings, I would fly to you *

Since Saturday when Jordan landed in the Middle East I have heard from him at least once a day (sometimes more), usually late at night because of the time difference. He sends me emails which I love to read. Yesterday he had the chance to do some shopping and he told me that he has never seen so many different items made of gold. I can’t wait to see the pictures he’s taken! I think he is going to shop again today because soon they are moving on to a different location.

Everyone is telling me that the month he’ll be away will go by quickly; that I won’t even notice. But believe me, I’m noticing. For him the days are blending into one another; he’s still jet-lagged. For me it seems like it has been over a week, yet he’s only been gone since Thursday.

It’s unbelievable how much I miss having him near me.

Yesterday after work I bought some red jersey sheets for my bed. I have two days off so I think I will try to do some cleaning. The apartment definitely needs it — as does my bedroom. It’s pretty messy.

I also stopped at Michaels to take a look at their cross stitch patterns. I found two: a sun and moon surrounded by zodiac constellations that I will make for myself eventually, and the other I am going to make for Jordan but I won’t reveal what it is in case he sees this. I hope to finish it by the time he comes back; if not, it’s alright. I already spent an hour yesterday sorting out the colour threads and labeling them. I cannot believe how many different shades of brown and grey there are.