A bit of miscellanea

I never wrote about it, but Nancy & George’s trip here, in February, was enjoyable. We hung out, shopped, watched bits of fuzzy television (we don’t have cable), made drinks, played Life, and took tons of photos. 🙂

I have tickets to see Canadian Stars on Ice in April. I’m excited because figure skating shows very rarely come to my city! Now that we have a brand-new arena, hopefully more shows will occur. I’ll be going with Keesje and a friend of mine.

I have been playing lots of The Sims 2 lately. That means I’ve been busy keeping Simlish updated and in good working order. I love my little Simmies. 🙂

Tax time is here. I have received one out of three T4s. Arrrgh.

I’m feeling yummy head to toe *

I had a great time this weekend in Toronto with my Nancy Pants! Went up on the train Thursday afternoon. Did some shopping at Yorkdale that day. Since Friday was a holiday we went to the Pacific Mall in Chinatown because, well, it was open. I think I was the only white girl. lol All we bought there were movies: “The Prestige”, “Little Miss Sunshine”, “The Devil Wears Prada”, “The Holiday”, “Step Up”, and “Take the Lead”.

Friday evening we went out to Red Lobster for dinner with Diane. That was my second time eating there since I was little (and that time I had spaghetti lol). I had some popcorn shrimp and French fries and a tall margarita. Yummy! I met Nancy’s boyfriend George, who seems cool even though he didn’t eat with us. 😛

The next day, Saturday, Nancy and I went shopping for a couple hours at the Eaton Centre, and then after dropping stuff off at her house we went back to Union Station to buy bus tickets for Hamilton. Just under an hour bus ride got us to Hamilton and we found Copps Colliseum for Stars on Ice no problem. The show was alright, not as good as some of the others I have been to, but honestly I was really there just to drool over the loveliness that is Dubreuil & Lauzon and the power that is Shen & Zhao. After the show Nancy got us lost, er, I mean the bus station moved. Yes, that’s it. So we had to find it. That was fun, er, I mean COLD. Got home real late.

Woke up late on Sunday, packed up my stuff, and we watched the terrible farce that is “Blades of Glory”. Oh how I loathe Will Ferrell but I suffered through it because it was about figure skating.

And then I came home. Jordan picked me up from the train station. Dinner was ready when we got to his house. It was yummy but he tried to get me to eat cooked cabbage. Gross. Watched “The Prestige”. Pretty good movie! A couple parts were a bit icky, but I love how the movie was done.

And now for a little “Remember when…” list that Nancy and I love so much:

Remember when…
– my train was late, like usual.
– we ate McDonald’s for breakfast too much.
– we had our first Godiva experience.
– I was the only white girl in Pacific Mall.
– the music store man scammed Nancy!
– we were so excited to get free samples from Fruits & Passion!
– we went body butter crazy at our one true love Sephora.
– we pretended to still be eating at Red Lobster so we could stay longer.
– we loved the Caesar salad at Red Lobster because it was the best we ever had! lol
– everyone had bubble tea and I wanted regular Orange pekoe but it was so expensive for a big pot (only wanted a little cup) and so I drank nasty Toronto tap water.
– Lena and Nancy were being themselves: “What up? What up?” … “Nutting up!”
– Nancy pretended to be Asian with her “peace” sign.
– we wanted to put D&L and S&Z in our pockets.
– Nancy hit the granny in front of her with her purse (accidentally, of course).
– Nancy’s Pepsi kept “travelling”; somehow it ended up two seats down from her.
– we got lost in Hamilton because the bus station got up and moved!
– the PizzaPizza lady in Hamilton didn’t really know much English.
– we were given the WRONG cast lists in our programs!
– I was so against buying four dollar fries and three dollar pop at the concession.
– we got bubbles when we left Copps Coliseum.
– Nancy got pulled into another dimension … she has proof! lol
– I went underwear crazy. And Nancy went bra crazy.
– Nancy gave money to the homeless guy.
– we actually watched Blades of Glory.

“Excuse me, can I use a feather bed like a duvet?”

Work has been keeping me incredibly busy. I don’t find myself with much in the way of spare time. We finally have sort of defined positions now: I usually split up my shift with being on cash and tidying/stocking up the Pillows &Duvets and Bed Linens department. Usually by the end of the day I am covered in feather lint.

I am finally taking a much-needed holiday. I’m taking the train up to Toronto to stay with Nancy for Easter Weekend. On Saturday we are going to Canadian Stars on Ice. It’s gonna be fun and I’m going to take a lot of pictures. 🙂

I will miss my honey but I’m sure he’ll be just fine being at home eating the Cadbury chocolate mini-eggs I left him. 😀

A little slippery out

Today we had the first real snowfall of winter. I woke up this morning and looked out the window and everything was covered in a layer of white. I am not a fan of snow, nor am I a fan of this particular cold season, but there is something about an expanse of untouched white snow that is beautiful. Snow reminds me of Christmas, which will be here sooner than we think. Luckily I have most of my Christmas shopping finished. I am only waiting on one package for Jordan to arrive in the mail. Now I need to buy some wrapping paper!

Nancy and I have tickets to Canadian Stars On Ice for the Hamilton show in April 2007. I’m very excited as I haven’t been to a show since CSOI in 2005. Plus Marie-France Dubreuil & Patrice Lauzon and Joannie Rochette are now a part of the cast! It’s quite a few months away, but I can’t wait. 🙂

Oh, funny incident. Jordan drove me home this morning before work and as we pulled up to the building we saw this kid slip on the icy pavement and fall down. I kinda laughed and said something along the lines, “Wait til I get out. That will be me!” Sure enough, as I walked behind the truck — WHOOSH — slipped and landed right on my butt! Jordan jumps out of the truck, “Are you okay? All of a sudden you disappeared!” ROFL Oh man, it didn’t hurt too much, but it was pretty funny.

She makes an impression *

I’m back from Toronto. Of course I had a shit-load of spam comments to delete. That was fun. But not as fun as T.O.! haha I didn’t buy as much as I thought I would, which is good.

I found Tegan & Sara’s first CD, “This Business of Art”, and Jennifer Lopez’s “Rebirth” CD at Sonic Boom for cheap; and I bought Garbage’s “Bleed Like Me” and Kelly Clarkson’s “Breakaway” albums. All great CDs! Bought a pretty hairband. And Angel Food perfume by Demeter at Sephora. OMG that store smelled like heaven. Found “Charmed: Season 1” DVD set for a pretty good price, too. Oh! And a $3 purse that is so adorable and green.

As an early birthday gift Nancy gave me some vanilla cream Lipsmackers, a pretty purple bracelet, and a Dayna Manning t-shirt! Thanks Sha-nay-nay! 😉 Ugh, but on the last day I felt sick all day…I think it was the Pizza Hut pizza…and I still don’t feel well today. I shall leave you with this:

Remember when…

– Nancy threw her umbrella onto a busy street and after it’s rescue she left it on the subway.
– Nancy and I stalked Shae with our cameras at CSOI.
– the bitchy ladies at CSOI got out of their seats 75197532 million times and each time they came the LONG way around, making us move to let them through, rather than going the SHORT way by exiting on their OWN side.
– Nancy spotted Shae’s mom in the audience.
– Shae first appeared on the ice with Jeff Buttle we screamed, “We love you Shae”, and then Keesje added, “It’s okay, we love you too Jeff!”
– Our cameras were in sync during “Who Wants To Live Forever”…We have that program memorized.
– Jamie entertained the audience before the re-takes by practically introducing everyone she knew in the arena, regaled us with her engagement story, and then scooted off the ice at mach speed.
– Kurt had to re-do his program over and over because he kept screwing up.
– Nancy yelled, “We love you Sylvia” when Jamie introduced Sylvia Fontana in the audience.
– Nancy, Keesje, and I were given free blinking HSBC key chains and Keesje got the special one.
– there was only one bottle of Angel Food perfume left at Sephora and I bought it so that Nancy couldn’t.
– We were bored as hell after shopping at the Eaton Centre, so we sat on the fountain and took a gazillion photos of ourselves. And then we took pictures of our Starbucks coffee.
– It rained the entire weekend.
– We ate fluffy strawberry cheesecake at Marché.
– Nancy and I orderd the adult portion of chicken fingers & fries at Marché but couldn’t finish it…We should have ordered the children’s portion for $3 cheaper.
– Nancy and I thought the pasta was $9.99 when it was actually $4.99, which is why we ordered the chicken fingers.
– the Marché waiter hated us cuz of all our dishes.
– Nancy and I couldn’t find the toll booth at King Station.
– Nancy called out for Keesje at Downsview Station…even though Kees hadn’t even arrived on the bus yet.