And I’d wish on a star, that somewhere you are thinking of me too *

Feels like it’s been a very long day. Jordan left early this morning for work, while it was pouring rain. He did a 13 km march, in the pouring rain. And then came home at lunch time, soaking wet. I made him some Red River and hot jasmine tea for lunch and then helped him pack his UAB (unaccompanied baggage) for his deployment in May. We found out his transfer didn’t go through, which means he can try again next year. But it also means that when the end of May rolls around he’ll be leaving me for six months. And we haven’t even been married a year! He missed our 6 month wedding anniversary (and 4 year mark) due to being in Haiti; he’ll miss my birthday; and he’ll miss our first year wedding anniversary. So depressing. But in the middle of all this, we’ll get to take a lovely vacation together, which is the only thing that makes any six-month or longer deployment worthwhile.

Anyway, I went to work in the afternoon and finished at 9:15 pm. The store was pretty slow and I didn’t have much to do. Came home and made a yummy grilled cheese sandwich for a late dinner. I didn’t do a lot today but it still feels like the day dragged on, especially while at work. I’ll be working all weekend so no big plans.

Return to Canada

Since Jordan left in the middle of January, we haven’t had much snow. Any snow that did accumulate usually melted by the next day. I am not a fan of shoveling the driveway; Jordan has always done it since we moved here. I was informed that he would be returning to Canada on the 26th. Unfortunately, the past three days we had a huge snowstorm and our driveway was quite deep. Plus the plows had been driving by all night, piling snow at the end of our driveway.

The morning of the 26th I resigned myself to the fact that I would actually have to shovel out the driveway, because if I couldn’t even get the truck OUT to go to work, how was he going to get a little Corolla IN? Anyway, the snow was really heavy and wet and after an hour I felt too sore and like I had barely moved any snow. Luckily, at that time a pick-up truck with a plow pulled up and pushed the snow away from the end of the driveway for me. I was so thankful! I managed to clear out a bit more snow, but then gave up. I then started to clear the snow off the truck and succeeded in breaking the windshield wiper on the driver’s side. Wonderful! I was quite frustrated by now. Off to Walmart for wipers. I didn’t have a clue what to buy, and had to get an associate from automotive to help me pick out the proper wiper. Then I rushed to work. And then left work early to rush home only to find out the flight time was changed to later in the night.

I tried waiting up for him but fell asleep 12:30 pm of the 27th. It wasn’t a deep sleep because I was half listening for car tires in the driveway. Finally he showed up around 3 am. I’m thankful he’s home and the lucky guy has a couple weeks off work. Now he has to unpack and do lots of laundry.

I just got back from a long day at work – a regular shift plus a staff meeting. We were fed pizza and pop, which was nice. Now for two days off.

Gadding with ghouls

I have decided to use a WordPress theme. This is a huge change to my domain, since normally I would create the layout and coding myself. I really don’t have the time to update layouts anymore, so I’ve decided to leave the site like this for awhile. I like the simplicity of this style, and I like how everything is nice and neat.

I’ve finished reading all of the 9 new books I purchased after Christmas. Now I can go back and re-read old books again. I’ve started on the Harry Potter series again. I’m on the second book and can’t stop laughing. I love Arthur Weasley. Okay, I love all the characters!

I also finished season six of “Reba”, which my youngest sister gave to me. I really love that show, it makes me laugh so much. But now what should I watch? Hmmm, maybe “Relic Hunter”.

Jordan got the package I sent to him. New socks, clean green T-shirts, cookies, a mirror so he can see his face while shaving, an electric razer, etc. I hope he gets good use out of those things in the next two weeks before they send him home!

Take my hand, just be careful with it *

Husband has been in Haiti for over 30 days now. I miss him lots. At the latest, he should be home mid-March. I can’t wait!

Just had the girls from work, Stacey and Erin, over for snacks and a movie. We watched “Just Friends” (not a fan), and ate popcorn, fruit, and fresh cinnamon buns. I love having these two over, we always talk more than we watch!

Deployed to Haiti

Jordan called me at work on Wednesday and told me that there is a strong possibility of him having to go to Haiti as part of the DART. I was a little shocked when he said he may have to leave that very evening. I finished work and went home in time to help him pack. He had to be back at the base within an hour, ready to go. The team didn’t end up leaving that night; Jordan had me call him at the hotel he stayed at. The following morning, Thursday, I talked to him once more on the phone. I went to work, keeping my cell on me, waiting for his text message to tell me they were boarding the plane. By noon, he was on his way. It was quite weird coming home to an empty house when I had very little warning. He could be gone for up to 30 days.

Friday morning I received a call from the base. I just about had a heart attack, wondering what they could be calling for, but it was just a Lieutenant letting me know that Jordan and team had landed safely in Haiti and that I might not hear from my husband for awhile as he’d be very busy. He then informed me they could be in Haiti for as many as 60 days. What?! Went to work and that evening spoke to Jordan on the phone for all of three minutes while I was at the cash. He said he was fine, flight was fine, etc; he was calling from the Canadian embassy and I could hear screaming kids in the background. That was three days ago and I would like to hear his voice again. Hopefully they are doing everything they can for the citizens of Haiti, but I still want my husband back.