I can’t wait to see you again *

My dad has been staying with me the last two weeks. It’s nice having another person around instead of just me, so that I don’t fall into the habit of talking to myself. Not that I would…um, anyway. lol Jordan and I finally had a voice chat on webcam this afternoon, which was great. We talked for almost two hours then I had to go make some food because I was starving. It’s much nicer using the webcam instead of the telephone because then I can actually see the expressions on his face.

We are slowly getting our vacation planned out. Thailand, it is! I’ve got my immunizations up-to-date, and I forked over $65 for a painful Hepatitis A shot. That one hurt a lot. I really dislike needles. The other two — MMR and tetanus — the nurse stuck in my left arm. That night I came down with a fever, headache, and wooziness. When I woke up in the morning, I was as good as new.

So now I’m trying to figure out cheap places to get plane tickets and reserve hotels. I can’t wait, I’m so excited!

The deliciousness of a book

Well, I have made it through the first week of Jordan’s absence. The apartment has been very quiet without him around. We talk on the phone as often as we can. He’s pretty busy across the ocean blue. I miss him like crazy. Another six months of this…

I am on a book frenzy. The Chocolate Lovers’ Club and The Chocolate Lovers’ Diet were GREAT books. And then I read The Kite Runner (Khaled Hosseini) in two days — one of the most amazing works of fiction I have read in a long time. Go read it if you haven’t already!


Surprize party and other stories

We had a surprize birthday party for my mom last Sunday. Everyone convened at my aunt and uncle’s in the guise that we were celebrating their twentieth anniversary. After everyone was there and had eaten a bit, and after Jordan and I showed up after I finished work, my aunt got up and started fiddling with the celebration banner that she had written “Happy Anniversary” on. We all watched as she flipped it over and the sign read “Happy Birthday”. My mom said, “But who’s birthday is it?” when she saw the sign and of course that made everyone laugh. It took her a second, but then it dawned on her that we’d tricked her. 😉

Jordan’s parents arrived for a visit Tuesday early afternoon while I was at work. They came up from New Brunswick because Jordan is leaving on deployment very soon and he didn’t have time to drive down there. It was a nice visit and on Wednesday night I invited my mom, Mike, Krystal and her boyfriend, and my dad over to meet them. Our parents had never met and I figured after over two years plus the engagement, they probably should get to know each other a little bit! There was a lot of talking/discussing/debating/chatting so I think things went well.

Of course everyone keeps asking when the wedding is. No idea, yet!

In the past couple days I have read Forever In Blue: The Fourth Summer of the Sisterhood (Ann Brashares), Shoe Addicts Anonymous (Beth Harbison), and now I’m on The Chocolate Lovers’ Club (Carole Matthews). All books excellent so far!

After Jordan leaves, we will see each other in July for vacation. We are going to Thailand. 🙂

Sometimes it be that way *

I’m just sitting here this morning. Not up to much. Enjoying not having to get ready for work. I had a nine hour shift yesterday and a forty-five minute lunch. A few of us went over to Denny’s for some smothered cheese fries. They were sooooo goood! Work was pretty slow for the day before Mother’s Day. I was quite bored.

Amy showed up a half hour before close. I ended up talking to her for twenty-five minutes about various things that I will not go into detail about here and then she waited around til I was finished. We went out for dinner at Montana’s and I had a chicken quesadilla with sour cream. I hadn’t had one of those in quite a while; it was delicious. Afterward we came back to my apartment and chatted. She borrowed one of my favourite books: The Poisonwood Bible.

Today is not only Mother’s Day, but my Dad’s birthday, too!

I preordered Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows from Chapters. With it, I ordered two other books to read: Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin (read it in two days and loved it), and The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls (so far another good one). I still need to pick up the last few books in the “Shopaholic” series and the last one in the “Sisterhood” series. I love reading. 🙂

Well, Jordan’s flight to come home has been pushed back a week so now he won’t be home until the last week of May. I know it’s only an extra week from the original date but it still feels like it will take even longer for these days to pass. Sometimes I wonder what things we might have done this month, what movies we would have watched, what food we would have cooked. It’s like this month is a pause, or just doesn’t exist for us at all.

I just smile

I went over to my mom’s this afternoon to do a few loads of laundry. I brought the cross-stitch with me to work on, keep me busy. We left around 7:00 pm and mom drove me to the mall so I could find out my ring size on a couple fingers. That was my day.

Jordan should be coming home in about two weeks time. I cannot wait! These past — twenty? — days so far have been a form of torture. It’s cruel.