You know there’s no resisting you

I came down with the flu Sunday night (or Monday morning, whatever) about 3 a.m. I was at Jordan’s and woke up with a queasy feeling in my stomach. Then I started throwing up every half hour or less. He brought me home Monday morning and I hoped that I could get some sleep but I kept vomiting. I was in so much pain from my tummy that I had to call in sick at work. The manager who answered the phone said that I need to bring in a doctor’s note and I couldn’t believe it. I could barely move — I was lying on my bed hurting, afraid to move because if I did I would throw up…and I am supposed to go to the doctor’s and pay for a note! Unbelievable. Luckily the vomiting subsided by about noon-ish and Jordan had already called saying he was coming over, so I made an appointment and went to my doctor’s for the note.

That day we also found out that Jordan had to leave on Thursday to fly to Afghanistan, a week early. It was not such a wonderful day. I haven’t heard from him yet. I hope they landed safely. I want him to call, but I know he can’t at the stop-over hotel because of long-distance expenses.

I had Tuesday and Wednesday off, which worked out good because I was still in pain from my tummy but I could spend those two days with Jordan before he left. We visited Kendra & Jay for an hour Tuesday night and had pizza at my mom’s later. Then Wednesday he had to work most of the day, took his motorcycle out for a spin after and packed some more, and finally we went out to dinner. After we ate we drove to Chapters and I bought the first three books in the “Shopaholic” series. (Almost finished the first book already!) Back at his place, we watched some TV before I had to go home. I didn’t want him to drive away once he’d dropped me off at my apartment building. This month is going to feel so incredibly long.

I miss him like crazy. I just want to hear his voice.

Far, far away

My interview for Jysk went well! Since call-backs were Monday and Tuesday and I hadn’t heard anything by the time I left for work on Tuesday, I figured I didn’t get the job. But when I got home Tuesday night there were two messages on the machine from the manager, asking me to call him back. I called this morning but he wasn’t in the office so I left a message with the lady who answered the phone. I hope this means they are offering me a position?

In other news, Jordan found out that he will most likely be going to Afghanistan in mid-April for a month to a month and a half. He works with satellites and computers so he shouldn’t be near any fighting (I hope!). It’s a little scary having him go, but it is a part of his job, and he will be paid very well. Please, April, stay far, far away!