Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day!

We didn’t really do anything to celebrate but Jordan and I did load our dirt bikes onto the truck and drove out to a spot he usually rides at. I think we rode for about an hour and a half and that tired me right out.

Dirt biking on Canada Day

Please ignore my helmet hair. 🙂

Baby shower in June

On June 18th, my mom and I threw a baby shower / BBQ for Keesje & Luc down at the cottage. It was a beautiful day after a week of rain. Family and friends came out for the occasion and we had some great food, fun, and games. Keesje was exactly 38 weeks pregnant that day. Her best friend was able to come down from Toronto for the day. And our brother Mark came up on the train from Kitchener. He broke his wrist a few days before in a bicycling accident–went over the handlebars!

Keesje & Luc

Heart Baby

Keesje and Destiny

They were given some great gifts and now they have pretty much everything they need for Baby Ashe! The nursery is all set up and Keesje just needs to put up some decorations. We are getting anxious for this baby to show up! Her due date is July 2nd, this Saturday, but I have a feeling the baby will be arriving late.

Letters for the nursery

Baby shower cake

Down at the cottage

Another notable thing that happened this month is that I finally learned how to ride my dirt bike. Last year I had trouble with the clutch and kept stalling the bike. This time around I can’t seem to kick start it (Jordan has to do that part for me) but I can actually ride around on it. The neighbour let me ride around their field behind our house. Photo from my iPhone:

Ready to ride

And Jordan’s parents drove down from New Brunswick at the end of May and stayed through the first few days of June. Unfortunately I had to work most of their visit, but I think they had a good time. The day before they left Jordan got us on a free boat cruise (through his work).

Jordan & I on a free boat cruise

Tiptoe through the tulips

The other day, I had my first go on the dirt bike. I got to put on all my gear and walk around in these big boots. Kick-starting the machine is a little bit of a hassle, but not difficult. Jordan attempted to teach me about the clutch and gas, but I was pretty terrible at it; I kept stalling the bike. The one time I actually got the dirt bike to move without stalling, I panicked that I was moving and then forgot how to brake, and then promptly toppled over off the bike. I’m sure it was amusing to watch! I now have a pulled muscle in my leg which has been causing me to limp for two days.

Sitting on the dirt bike

And these have bloomed overnight:

We have tulips!

Mad as a hatter

I have been pretty busy at work. I am just about finished moving in the new towel line. It’s taken me longer than I expected, but the wall looks great and the colours are beautiful. I have the end cap empty, ready for the new shower curtains. Tomorrow I hope to finish getting the rest of the matching product out, and then I am off for a three-day weekend!

The house was a complete disaster when I came home. Washed all the dishes and threw in a load of laundry. It’s amazing how much tidier a house looks when the kitchen counters are clear of dishes and clutter. Now where to put all the stuff piled on the table? And what is for dinner?

Planning to have my cousin and her husband and two beautiful little girls over for a visit on Saturday. Near the end of this month they will be moving to Edmonton, due to her husband being posted. I will miss them. 🙁

Last weekend, Jordan and I took a day-trip to Ottawa which I forgot to write about. We tested out the Garmin GPS his parents gave us and it worked great. We went to a large bike store and found some dirt bike riding gear for myself. Ah yes, forgot to mention: Jordan thought it would be cool to buy me a dirt bike, so that we can go biking together. Since this is his favourite hobby and he’s already paid for it, I agreed I would at least try the sport. So now I’m all kitted out and ready for my first lesson. I’m not sure if I’m looking forward to this or not!

Also, Monday afternoon we decided to go see a movie. We very rarely go out to the theatre; I won’t go unless it’s a movie I know I will enjoy. We saw Tim Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland” in 3D and it was great! I really loved the movie and can’t wait until it comes out on DVD. I did have a headache by the end, though, from the 3D glasses, but it was worth it! 🙂