Surprize party and other stories

We had a surprize birthday party for my mom last Sunday. Everyone convened at my aunt and uncle’s in the guise that we were celebrating their twentieth anniversary. After everyone was there and had eaten a bit, and after Jordan and I showed up after I finished work, my aunt got up and started fiddling with the celebration banner that she had written “Happy Anniversary” on. We all watched as she flipped it over and the sign read “Happy Birthday”. My mom said, “But who’s birthday is it?” when she saw the sign and of course that made everyone laugh. It took her a second, but then it dawned on her that we’d tricked her. 😉

Jordan’s parents arrived for a visit Tuesday early afternoon while I was at work. They came up from New Brunswick because Jordan is leaving on deployment very soon and he didn’t have time to drive down there. It was a nice visit and on Wednesday night I invited my mom, Mike, Krystal and her boyfriend, and my dad over to meet them. Our parents had never met and I figured after over two years plus the engagement, they probably should get to know each other a little bit! There was a lot of talking/discussing/debating/chatting so I think things went well.

Of course everyone keeps asking when the wedding is. No idea, yet!

In the past couple days I have read Forever In Blue: The Fourth Summer of the Sisterhood (Ann Brashares), Shoe Addicts Anonymous (Beth Harbison), and now I’m on The Chocolate Lovers’ Club (Carole Matthews). All books excellent so far!

After Jordan leaves, we will see each other in July for vacation. We are going to Thailand. 🙂

Sparkle and shine

We had my dad over for dinner on Friday. I made pork roast and potatoes in the slow cooker. All day I smelled the divine aromas and finally we got to eat it. Delicious! Afterward, we sat around chatting about random things and our vacation in July. Dad signed my passport papers as my guarantor. Then he said he had to go back to the motel to watch the hockey game. As he left, Jordan went out into the hall with him and I didn’t know why, but I just started tidying up the kitchen.

A little later, Jordan asked me if I had taken my vitamin today and I said, “No”. He went into the bathroom and started shaking out vitamins. I followed him in and reached to take one out of his hand but he pulled his hand away. I didn’t know why he wouldn’t let me take one. I went into the computer room and then he came in after me and told me to pick a hand. Rolling my eyes, I picked a hand. Wrong hand. I said, “Can I have my vitamin?” but he asked me to pick a hand again. Fine, I picked the other hand, he dropped it into my palm. When I glanced down I thought, “Oh, that isn’t a vitamin.”

It was an engagement ring. 🙂