The countdown commences

July at last! This is going to be a busy, busy month. Amy’s wedding is coming up in 15 days! My bridesmaid top has been altered, but I still need gel inserts for my shoes so that they actually stay on my feet. Twenty-three days until Stacey’s wedding. Double-sided tape has been purchased so dress does not fall down, and shoes are fine. I think I am prepared.

Birthday is in 11 days.

Had lots of fun at Amy’s bachelorette on June 26th. It ended up being an early night due to her drinking a tad too much, but we still had a good time. I’m actually glad I didn’t have to stay out longer than midnight, and even that was wayyyyyy past my bedtime!

My youngest sister, Crystal, graduated from high school two days ago. She won lots of awards!

And last but not least, our tickets to Europe are booked and paid for! 🙂

Don’t stop, just take it to the limit *

I haven’t been doing much other than working in the three weeks my darling husband has been deployed. I hear from him often, whether he’s waking me up at 7:30 in the morning to talk on the phone, or through constant emails. I miss him, but I know it’s only 6 months, and we have done this before.

I’ve been keeping myself busy with cross-stitching a baby gift for a friend, reading lots and lots of books (got to get in those book purchases before HST kicks in), and planning our trip to Europe. Jordan will be given some leave and the military will reimburse us for the cost of our travel expenses up to $2200. So I have been planning and writing itineraries and searching Trip Advisor for all kinds of information. That is the website I used to plan our 2008 Thailand trip, and I’ll be using it again this year.

As for the house, nothing has gone wrong yet. My sister and her boyfriend helped me to clean the pool. The weather hasn’t been that warm for June so we haven’t gone swimming yet.

At Stacey's bridal shower in June

Stacey’s bridal shower took place on June 13th. The ladies from work came out to Erin’s apartment and we ate yummy potluck food, dressed Stacey up in a toilet paper wedding gown, played some memory games (which I am terrible at), and chatted. It was a lot of fun to hang out with everyone outside of work!

Amy’s bridal shower was on May 15th, which I forgot to post about, so here is a picture:

At Amy's bridal shower in May

Of course, what is a bridal shower without lots of toilet paper, stickers, pipe cleaners, and tissue paper?!