India is the place to be *

Somehow I ended up with 30 hours this week at work. That’s a record for me. I know more cashiers are being hired and trained so I have a feeling my hours are going to plummet in the next week or so.

I just finished reading Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince. Wow! Really good! I couldn’t put the book down and I was up until 2:30 a.m. finishing it. There is so much information in that book that I’m still thinking things over. Crazy. I think very differently about certain characters now, and I’m very happy — and sad — about certain relationships that are developing, but I’m not going to spoil the book for anyone who hasn’t yet read it. Come on J.K. Rowling, start writing the next one!

I’ve got Ashanti’s song from “Bride & Prejudice” stuck in my head. That movie is great! It’s a musical that takes place in India and California. The songs are very catchy and everything is so colourful. 😀

The days just go by…

Not up to much lately; just working. Went over to Kendra’s on…Saturday, was it? I brought over a bunch of DVDs and we ended up watching “Mulan” and “Van Helsing”. I still haven’t watched my “Mulan II” DVD yet and how long ago did I buy it? lol Monday was Harry Potter Night at Kendra’s. We watched “Chamber of Secrets” and “Prisoner of Azkaban”. Marcel was over, too, and I don’t think he was too impressed with the movie choice. 😛

‘Tis all. Since I just made a new layout for Music-is-Magic of Oscar-calibre actress Kate Winslet (she was so robbed), I shall go put that up now!

Something wicked this way comes *

I meant to blog yesterday but the internet stopped working on my computer and then I had to go to work…and then I just forgot. lol But anyway, I’m over my cold, thankfully. I was so sick of having Kleenex all over my room. haha Speaking of my room, I put up my Aaliyah, Garbage, authographed Bourne & Kraatz, and Harry Potter posters. Looks so pretty. 😀 Cleaned my desk and shelves up a bit, too.

Oohh, I started re-reading the Harry Potter series. I already finished The Philosopher’s Stone and in between cleaning and playing The Sims 2, I have managed to get through a bit of Chamber of Secrets!

Nancy is coming down on Saturday to visit! We shall have loads of fun, if that is at all possible in this city. lol I can’t wait to go shopping; haven’t gone in ages. And possibly clubbing Saturday night, if we’re up to it. Hopefully the weather stays nice. It rained today, though, so maybe that means we’re in for some crappy weather. *grumbles* Anyway, bedtime as I have to work tomorrow.

Happy holidays

We just got back from Christmas dinner at my mom’s house. First, this morning — more like afternoon by the time all of us were showered and ready — we opened gifts to each other and from our dad. We being me, Mark, and Keesje.

Mark and Kees gave me the box set of Harry Potter books. I’m so excited to read them again. 😀 And from my dad I was given “Gilmore Girls: Season 2” and “Friends: Season 6”. Pretty awesome! I’m really happy with those gifts. Both Mark and Keesje got the extended edition of “LOTR: Return of the King” plus other things I can’t remember.

After that we drove over to my mom’s house. She had cheese and crackers, some spicy sausage I didn’t try, cookies, shrimp rings, and chocolates set out as snacks before dinner. I love Lindor chocolates. 😉 We opened stocking stuffers first. Lots of neat little things like lotions, Lipsmackers, chocolate oranges, mints, etc.

When my aunt and uncle and two cousins arrived I handed out the gifts. I can’t remember what everyone got, but I know Krystal received a lot of movies: “A Cinderella Story” (from me), “Van Helsing” (from Kees), “Shrek 2”, “Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban” (from my dad), and “A Walk to Remember”. My mom gave me Elizabeth Arden Fifth Avenue perfume that comes with body lotion that smells divine, a green luggage piece that I picked out from Bentley’s for my Toronto trips, burnable CDs, blank VHS tapes so I can tape skating, yay! And two Björk CDs: “Post” and “Medulla”. 😀 Pretty sweet, eh?

When we finished with gifts we chatted for awhile until dinner was ready: turkey, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, home-made stuffing, veggies. Sooooo yummy and I’m so full! For dessert my mom served freshly baked apple pie and coffee cake and I think there was more chocolate and cookies. I drank almost the whole bottle of strawberry Zinfandel wine my dad brought. lol

Later, after my aunt, uncle, and cousins had left, we thought we should get going as well. We stopped at the new house and looked around inside. My room is going to be a little smaller and it’s going to be interesting getting all my furniture in there. I need to get a new desk, too. But anyway, that’s all for now. I hope everyone else enjoyed their Christmas, had a good time with friends and family, and ate lots of food!