Flock of seagulls

I’m cooking up four chicken breasts to put into a recipe: quick country chicken with biscuits. I hope it turns out, as I’ve never made it before, but the picture in the book looks tasty! I’m going to be working all weekend and I have house guests coming to stay. They’ll have to entertain themselves while I slave away at work. But I’m going to try to leave them some food for dinner. That reminds me, I need to get clean sheets on the futon upstairs.

This afternoon I went to visit Amy at her new townhouse. The place looks great and she already has pictures on the walls. It took me ages to get photos up when I moved into this house! We sat in the living room in front of the fan watching TV and chatting. I don’t have cable so I was quite enjoying myself watching random shows! We saw part of an episode of Canada’s “Next Top Model”, watched “One Hit Wonders of the 80s” on Much More Music (awesome!!!), and then some Jessica Simpson show about beauty. Ah, sometimes I miss television, other times I don’t!

Only another month to go before EUROPE!!

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday turned out to be quite a nice day, if a little cooler than the previous days. I wore my white Garage skirt to church in the morning. Jordan’s mother dressed up too. However by the time we got home our legs were freezing so we changed back into pants. Everyone helped to clean up the house while Charlene made corn bread and I made hashbrown casserole. Jordan decided he wanted to make home-made croutons for the Caesar salad, and they turned out yummy.

Home-made corn bread

My family started arriving around 2 pm. My mom brought lots of food: sliced turkey, mashed garlic potatoes, candied carrots, green beans almondine, mashed maple sweet potatoes, corn, home-made cranberry stuffing and cranberry sauce, and fresh gravy. We stuffed ourselves to the max, and then after hanging out on the patio for a couple hours, ate the desserts I prepared: vanilla pound cake, banana bread, and blueberry cheesecake. One of my sisters made cinnamon buns which were very popular. Mmmm. The food was wonderful!

My mom and I on Easter Sunday

My dad had to leave early, but everyone else left before five. Jordan’s parents decided that since they had everything packed already, that they would leave that day instead of early Monday morning. So we said goodbye to his parents and brother, who came up on the bus, and then had a nice evening to ourselves. It was quite hectic with all of us in one house, especially sharing one bathroom, but we managed and it was a pleasant visit. 🙂

My husband and I in our kitchen

The in-laws have come to town

So far we’ve had beautiful weather for Easter weekend! I truly hope that spring is here to stay, because it’s lovely to be able to wear flip-flops and shorts finally. I shaved my legs this morning in anticipation of skirt-wearing!

My husband’s parents drove down from New Brunswick and arrived Tuesday night. The next two days Jordan and I both had to work, so I’m not sure what they did to occupy themselves. After work on Thursday, I came home and made venison enchiladas, which turned out great. We sat around and chatted for the rest of the evening, after clean-up.

Friday morning everyone got up late. I made ham and potato soup for lunch, and then we got the bicycles ready and drove down to a park where there are trails. We spent almost two hours out riding and enjoying the sunshine. When we came back to the house, his mom wanted to weed the garden (no complaints there!) and I baked banana bread. For dinner Jordan barbecued chicken and sausages while I made egg-fried rice; we had a yummy dinner. After eating, his mother and I sat down to watch a movie while Jordan, his dad, and his brother worked on putting in a shelf and bar in the upstairs closet. Early to bed.

Muffin goes for a bike ride!

Saturday morning I was up early. I already had plans to go to Belleville with Pam and Laura to purchase bridesmaid shoes. The drive there was uneventful; traffic not very heavy. We were in the bridal store for maybe 15 minutes trying on and purchasing shoes. They’re going to be dyed to match our dresses. After that we picked up items for Amy’s bachelorette party at a naughty store. 😉 A quick stop at Tim Horton’s for a snack, and we were on our way home. I got in around 3:30 pm, so it was quite a long day.

Now his parents have gone down to the waterfront for a walk and Jordan’s out dirt biking with some friends. I’ve made a cheesecake and pound cake, desserts for tomorrow’s Easter dinner. We’ll have about 12 people piled into the house. Should be interesting!

The one with the wedding and new house

We have been married a week today. Everything fell together beautifully. The ceremony was perfect and didn’t take too long. It was all over before we knew it! My maid of honour and bridesmaids looked lovely in their dark purple dresses, and the best man and groomsmen looked great in their suits!

Yesterday I received my official wedding photos from one of my best friends, who did our pictures. There are over 900 shots and it’s going to be difficult to decide which ones to develop (and to post). The weather was beautiful and warm and the flowers in the park where we had the pictures done were in full bloom. We could not have asked for a more fantastic wedding day!

Jordan and I arrived at the reception a little late because I kept wanting more pictures! Once there, our guests greeted us with applause. It was wonderful to see all our family together. Some had traveled from Vancouver, Toronto, even New Brunswick. I had a great time chatting with everyone and dancing in my princess ballgown. The evening ended early, around 11:30 pm, but by then both Jordan and I were very tired.

Since I was starving, we went to Wendy’s drive-thru and brought it back to the hotel that a few of my friends had rented for us. We had a romantic late-night dinner of fast-food! A nice dip in the jacuzzi, too!

A week before the wedding, though, we moved into our first house. We spent three days moving everything out of the apartment. Some of Jordan’s friends and family from New Brunswick began to arrive at the end of the week and helped us unpack.

Now that all our guests have gone home and we are at the end of our vacation, things are starting to feel a little more normal. Back to work for me on Sunday!

Surprize party and other stories

We had a surprize birthday party for my mom last Sunday. Everyone convened at my aunt and uncle’s in the guise that we were celebrating their twentieth anniversary. After everyone was there and had eaten a bit, and after Jordan and I showed up after I finished work, my aunt got up and started fiddling with the celebration banner that she had written “Happy Anniversary” on. We all watched as she flipped it over and the sign read “Happy Birthday”. My mom said, “But who’s birthday is it?” when she saw the sign and of course that made everyone laugh. It took her a second, but then it dawned on her that we’d tricked her. 😉

Jordan’s parents arrived for a visit Tuesday early afternoon while I was at work. They came up from New Brunswick because Jordan is leaving on deployment very soon and he didn’t have time to drive down there. It was a nice visit and on Wednesday night I invited my mom, Mike, Krystal and her boyfriend, and my dad over to meet them. Our parents had never met and I figured after over two years plus the engagement, they probably should get to know each other a little bit! There was a lot of talking/discussing/debating/chatting so I think things went well.

Of course everyone keeps asking when the wedding is. No idea, yet!

In the past couple days I have read Forever In Blue: The Fourth Summer of the Sisterhood (Ann Brashares), Shoe Addicts Anonymous (Beth Harbison), and now I’m on The Chocolate Lovers’ Club (Carole Matthews). All books excellent so far!

After Jordan leaves, we will see each other in July for vacation. We are going to Thailand. 🙂