Two birthdays in July

I turned the big 30 this month. A little scary to think about, but I’m going to just let it slide on by. I didn’t want to make a big deal out of this birthday so I asked Jordan to take me to Marble Slab for an ice cream treat rather than doing anything fancy. A waffle bowl filled with a scoop of birthday cake, chai, and double dark chocolate ice cream, with pecans mixed in:

Enjoying some ice cream

We celebrated another birthday this month. My nephew, Ashe, turned 1 year old on July 6th! We had a barbecue down at the cottage and some of my sister’s friends came to help celebrate this amazing milestone.

Ashe @ 1 year old

My sister and her son

Playing with his hockey stick

Let’s eat cake!

Back in May, my friend Nancy got married during the long weekend. My sister, Ashe, Jordan, and I drove up to attend the ceremony and reception. We stayed overnight in a hotel and then spent the holiday Monday doing some more visiting. Breakfast at Cora’s near the hotel, then a few hours at the Vaughn Mills mall so Keesje could visit with Shelley, and then finally a quick visit with our sister Crystal and her boyfriend Lukas in their new apartment. I realized I never wrote a post about that fun weekend so here are a few photos:

Keesje & Ashe after the ceremony

A quiet moment

Hanging around outside

Until next time!

Stacey & Chris’s Wedding

It has been too long since I posted last! Stacey & Chris’s wedding at the end of July went off without a hitch. The wedding itself was in a beautiful church. The weather held out, although it did sprinkle a little when we tried to take photos outside after we girls got dressed, but the pictures did turn out fabulous. I managed to get some nice shots as well, although I don’t have any of the ceremony, obviously, since I was a bridesmaid.

Hanging out in a small town

I had a great time spending the Friday and Saturday in Stacey’s hometown. Erin and I drive down the Friday afternoon and we ate ice cream by the water, saw what sights there are in the little town, and hung out with the whole wedding party at a Tim Horton’s in the back of black Dodge Ram!

Some of my favourite pictures from the wedding:

In other news, Jordan sent me a new camera for my birthday and our first wedding anniversary. I absolutely love the camera and I tested it out at Stacey’s wedding. It has great features and worked like a charm!

And our trip to Europe is now completely booked. I am relieved to have that all finished, but I’m still anxious to get going! I’ve already typed up a packing list, bought new black walking shoes, and figured out what I’m going to wear on the flight. If I could, I would say goodbye to summer and fast forward to fall so that I could be with my husband. 🙂

The extraction

My wisdom teeth extraction went well on Wednesday. The dental surgeon removed two on the right side, and on the left side only the bottom tooth. I took two blue pills an hour before the surgery and sat in the waiting room with my mom. After a half hour, we stopped talking and I started to feel sleepy. By the time the dentist was ready for me, I remember stumbling a little on my way to the surgery room, not really aware of myself.

I was told I kept falling asleep during the surgery. The needles for freezing really hurt. Afterward, I dreamed going to wait in the car while my mom got my prescription for Percocet, took me to her house so she could pick up Mike, and sat me down in a chair in her kitchen. My sister was laughing at me. Oh wait, that wasn’t a dream, that actually happened. I just didn’t realize til the next day. lol Once my mom got me home to my apartment and gave instructions to my dad, who is still staying with me during Jordan’s deployment, I sort of remember sitting around with frozen peas in a baggie on my face. And apparently I updated my status on Facebook, which I didn’t know I had done until the next morning. Oops!

It hasn’t yet been 48 hours since the surgery, but I’m still a bit swollen on the right side of my face. I look like half a chipmunk. I’ve been eating apple sauce, a bit of yoghurt, cottage cheese, and a milkshake of blended banana, peanut butter, milk, and ice cream.

The suture strings in my mouth are starting to annoy me; they keep getting in the way of my tongue and it feels weird. I won’t be going into work tonight, obviously, and I was supposed to work tomorrow but I have a post-op dental appointment. For next week, my only shifts are Sunday and then Friday, so hopefully I’ll make it in for Sunday. Only if I can go a whole day on extra-strength Advil and no Percocet.

Dinner and ice cream

Since she’s been taking a military course in the same city I am living in for a couple months, I have only seen Serena twice during her stay. She is Jordan’s sister and luckily we get along quite well. She is leaving to go back to New Brunswick soon, then back to Malaysia to be with her husband. Yesterday both of us finally had a free day so she biked over to the apartment and we sat around talking for forty minutes.

We caught the bus downtown (getting rained on at the stop in the process), shopped around a bit but didn’t find anything, and decided to have dinner at Margaritaville of the Lone Star. The food was good; I had a fajita chicken wrap, but it was a little spicy. Lots of tiny little birds hopped around our table, hoping for scraps. After we ate too much food, we walked a bit then went to Ben & Jerry’s for waffle cones. It took me awhile to decide on flavours but I chose a peanut butter scoop and a half-baked scoop. It was yummy, but while we waited for the bus home it dripped all over my pant leg!

It was a nice late afternoon and it’s too bad we hadn’t been able to hang out more.

You have my heart and we’ll never be worlds apart *

Right now I’m listening to music. Taking a break from cross-stitching, which I’ve been working on since I got home from work. It’s so dark in my room, even with the light on; makes it difficult to see the coloured thread properly.

I just enjoyed a bowl of Sara Lee’s strawberry cheesecake icecream. Quite yummy.

I want “Umbrella” for my ringtone. But for some reason I can’t download from MuchMusic anymore. I get an error every time I try. I’ve bought ringtones from that site before so this is really odd. I sent them an email, received one reply with a request to forward on some information, and fives days later I have heard nothing. >_< I want that song dammnit!