Third trimester: Weeks 28 – 29

Week 28 (September 23)
Hello third trimester! Although I think it technically began in week 27 but let’s just ignore that.

On the Friday of this week I met with Suki, one of the midwives. My blood pressure was normal and Baby K was growing appropriately. Her head was down in my pelvis and feet/legs up near my ribs. No wonder I keep seeing what I think is a leg pushing out the top of my belly! I’m also having Braxton Hicks contractions quite regularly. They aren’t painful but there’s definitely a lot of pressure and tightness in my belly when they occur. Baby’s heartbeat is 146 bpm. I’ve gained 24 lbs total.

Suki gave me 2 DVDs to watch since hubby and I aren’t doing prenatal classes. One is on comfort measures during childbirth and the other is a twelve-part series on common postnatal issues. We’ve started watching the one on comfort measures and have learned some techniques to use during labour.

One of the questions I asked my midwife was what happens once we get to the hospital. She explained that I first pick up my registration papers (I’ve already preregistered) and then head to Labour & Delivery. I should be put into a private birthing room with access to en suite bathroom. She mentioned that if my water breaks in the middle of the night but I’m not having contractions, I should only call her if the fluid is tinged greenish; otherwise that phone call can wait til morning. If I’m having contractions at night I can take Tylenol and Gravol to help me rest until morning (unless they are very close together and I can’t wait any longer to get to the hospital).

My next appointment will be October 10th and I’ll be going every 2 weeks now.

In other news, this was a very busy week! Jordan’s parents arrived from New Brunswick on Wednesday and left Sunday afternoon. They helped finish the new flooring in our master bedroom, moved all our furniture into the room, set up the nursery and hung pictures on the walls. Charlene and I washed, folded, and sorted really cute baby clothes; washed toys and the Exersaucer that was given to us; and cleaned and de-furred the Infantino carrier my sister lent me. We got so much stuff done; I am so thankful! Nursery pictures will come later when it’s completely finished!

After that exhausting week, I started to not feel well Sunday night at our church’s potluck dinner. We left early and I slept off and on from 7 pm to 8 am the next day.

Weeks 28-29

Weeks 28-29

Week 29 (September 30)
I’m experiencing a lot of intense Braxton Hicks contractions, just like the previous week. They tend to stop me in my tracks, they’re so uncomfortable.

Had more pains in the top of my belly yesterday while we were out shopping. I’m not sure what it’s from or if it’s just stomach pains unrelated to pregnancy, but they hurt enough that after picking up a white floating shelf and Scotch Guard from Home Depot we went right home instead of continuing on to Walmart. I found that if I curled onto my left side or held my hands underneath my belly while I was standing, then the pain would dissipate.

Upper Canada Village

First off, finally got my hair chopped off! It was way too long and getting hard to manage.

New hair cut (October 2012)

Thanksgiving weekend turned out to be great! The in-laws stayed with us Friday night. I made a delicious teriyaki stir-fry for dinner. And then on Saturday we drove up to Morrisburg to spend the day at Upper Canada Village. The weather started out rainy, gray, and cold, but in the afternoon the sun came out. I brought along only one camera, my Canon 60D, and carried around that heavy thing all day. I’m glad I did because the pictures turned out really well.

Pumpkin Inferno

The church

Purple flower


Posing in front of the school house

After hours of walking around the grounds, we had a late lunch at the hotel. You need reservations to eat there. They served a turkey dinner for Thanksgiving. The food was amazing and I’m glad we decided to eat there. After lunch, we finished exploring and by the end of the day (I think the place closes around 5:30 pm) we said goodbye to Jordan’s parents and headed back home. We didn’t stay for the nighttime Pumpkin Inferno event but it was cool to see all the pumpkins during the daylight.

Love is your colour, it makes you shine *

I changed the theme a couple days ago. Yes, it’s a little darker, but I like the look of it. I also like the larger text and that I am able to use my own photo for the header image. It’s a picture I took of Hohensalzburg Fortress in Salzburg, Austria back in 2010. One of my favourite shots.

The leaves on the tree in the neighbour’s yard across the street have turned yellow. It looks beautiful, very autumnal. The tree in our yard is still mostly green with a bit of yellow leaves; it doesn’t look nearly as pretty.

Right now there is a delicious-smelling loaf of chocolate chip banana bread in the oven. I’ve got four days off for Thanksgiving weekend. Jordan is home as well. We are expecting his parents this afternoon. Tomorrow we will be spending the day at Upper Canada Village, weather permitting. Hopefully we’ll have a nice weekend. 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving!

Baby shower in June

On June 18th, my mom and I threw a baby shower / BBQ for Keesje & Luc down at the cottage. It was a beautiful day after a week of rain. Family and friends came out for the occasion and we had some great food, fun, and games. Keesje was exactly 38 weeks pregnant that day. Her best friend was able to come down from Toronto for the day. And our brother Mark came up on the train from Kitchener. He broke his wrist a few days before in a bicycling accident–went over the handlebars!

Keesje & Luc

Heart Baby

Keesje and Destiny

They were given some great gifts and now they have pretty much everything they need for Baby Ashe! The nursery is all set up and Keesje just needs to put up some decorations. We are getting anxious for this baby to show up! Her due date is July 2nd, this Saturday, but I have a feeling the baby will be arriving late.

Letters for the nursery

Baby shower cake

Down at the cottage

Another notable thing that happened this month is that I finally learned how to ride my dirt bike. Last year I had trouble with the clutch and kept stalling the bike. This time around I can’t seem to kick start it (Jordan has to do that part for me) but I can actually ride around on it. The neighbour let me ride around their field behind our house. Photo from my iPhone:

Ready to ride

And Jordan’s parents drove down from New Brunswick at the end of May and stayed through the first few days of June. Unfortunately I had to work most of their visit, but I think they had a good time. The day before they left Jordan got us on a free boat cruise (through his work).

Jordan & I on a free boat cruise

Two Christmases

Welcome 2011!

In front of our Christmas tree

Christmas was great with my family and our trip out to New Brunswick to visit Jordan’s family for the New Year was just as wonderful and relaxing. We drove the car this year, rather than the truck, hoping to save on gas money. Luckily, we didn’t spot any moose on our drive, but we did see a couple deer in the middle of the road. We arrived in time for a New Year’s Eve dinner at my sister-in-law’s house.

Home-made Vietnamese rolls on New Year's Eve

We stayed the week at Jordan’s parents’ house and ate way too much good food. Each day his mother cooked lunch and dinner, and I’m definitely not used to eating that much food! We visited two of Jordan’s friends (whose wives are expecting, both due in January, but they didn’t have their babies until the week after we left), hung out with family, went on some walks/hikes, and Jordan even went snowboarding. He ended up spraining his right wrist and wore a tension band all week!

Jordan’s sister, Serena, sold her house while we were there and she came with us back to Ontario. Her husband is living and working in Ottawa and now they can buy a house there. They’ll be much closer to us now! His parents should be coming down in the spring to visit and they said they would help us with some renovations around the house. We need to paint some walls and fix the roof over the kitchen!

Jamaica = 18 days!