The weather outside is frightful *

This weekend I didn’t have to work. I actually got a Saturday and Sunday off. Amazing, I know. Yesterday we went grocery-shopping and spent over three hours out. The stores were really busy. Costco was so busy that there were no carts left. I ended up spotting an abandoned cart in an aisle so Jordan snatched it and we ran from the scene of the crime. 🙂

That evening we went out to dinner with a bunch of people at a little restaurant downtown called Windmills. We were put right by a huge window and it was cold! We could almost feel the wind inside. They had given us an electric heater, but it wasn’t giving off much heat. The food was quite pricey. I had a Thai ginger panini sandwich with chicken, cheese, and carrots in it, as well as a frothy hot chocolate. Since it was a Christmas dinner gathering, Rebecca handed out chocolate letters and holiday cards to everyone. When we had all finished our meal, we decided to stop at Copper Penny for dessert. It was much warmer in there! Jordan and I shared a slice of creamy cherry cheesecake and I had a sex-on-the-beach!

Today I was so tired I didn’t wake up until ten o’ clock. Jordan had left for church pretty early because he would be playing the drums. I didn’t do a whole lot today, read some Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire, played some TS2, and worked on my cross-stitch. Outside, it was blizzarding! I could hardly see out the window — still can’t, for that matter. We’re getting too much snow!

Cooked dinner tonight: honey garlic chicken with mashed maple sweet potatoes!

In the heat of summer

Upgraded to the latest secure version of WordPress. Everything is working properly, although I have an error about an index_extra page in my Dashboard. I have no idea what it means and it doesn’t seem to be affecting anything so I’ll leave it for now.

It’s very warm in the apartment. I don’t feel like doing anything. I washed the dishes earlier, but now I don’t feel like cleaning anything else. I finished reading Shopaholic & Sister (Sophie Kinsella) a few days ago; read it in two and a half days. Such a funny book! And today I finished The Virgin’s Lover (Philippa Gregory), the third book in the series about Elizabeth I. I really liked it. And now I’ve begun The Undomestic Goddess (Sophia Kinsella).

I need to get some boxes so I can start packing.

Books are fun

I am feeling quite bogged down with work. I don’t have time for some things like I used to, like my websites, but I have renewed this domain for another year and I will continue to blog when I can and update fanlistings when I can.

I’m going to be moving early September. Jordan and I looked at apartments this morning near the military base (it is military housing) and I am pretty certain we have found a three-bedroom. We just have to wait for a confirmation. Ah, the joys of moving yet again.

Bought some new books today at Indigo: The Virgin’s Lover by Philippa Gregory to complete the trilogy, The Undomestic Goddess and Shopaholic & Sister by Sophie Kinsella, and The Josephine B. Trilogy by Sandra Gulland. Excited to get lots of reading done in the coming months when I have an hour-long bus ride to work. 🙂

Walk with Ursus

The weekend Jordan and I had planned for when he came back from New Brunswick was cancelled. On Friday night I came down with what must have been the flu and I was in bed all Saturday. By Sunday I could get out of bed but I didn’t have much energy. Even today, when I’m getting ready to go to work, I don’t have a whole lot of energy stored up. But I can’t call in sick; I can’t afford it.

Yesterday Jordan went back to work. I sat around the apartment, not doing much, drinking a lot of water, still not feeling up to par. It was quite hot. Sometime in the evening we went to the mall to walk around in the air conditioning, and before we left he bought us a triple berry Orange Julius drink. It was yummy. 🙂

I just finished reading The Clan of the Cave Bear. I really liked the storyline and how things played out in the novel but I can’t say I’m a huge fan of the way the author writes — way too much repetition about things the reader already knows and has heard quite a few times each chapter. However, I do want to continue to read more in the series because the way the book ended was quite sad and made me want to find out more about Ayla.

Sometimes it be that way *

I’m just sitting here this morning. Not up to much. Enjoying not having to get ready for work. I had a nine hour shift yesterday and a forty-five minute lunch. A few of us went over to Denny’s for some smothered cheese fries. They were sooooo goood! Work was pretty slow for the day before Mother’s Day. I was quite bored.

Amy showed up a half hour before close. I ended up talking to her for twenty-five minutes about various things that I will not go into detail about here and then she waited around til I was finished. We went out for dinner at Montana’s and I had a chicken quesadilla with sour cream. I hadn’t had one of those in quite a while; it was delicious. Afterward we came back to my apartment and chatted. She borrowed one of my favourite books: The Poisonwood Bible.

Today is not only Mother’s Day, but my Dad’s birthday, too!

I preordered Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows from Chapters. With it, I ordered two other books to read: Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin (read it in two days and loved it), and The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls (so far another good one). I still need to pick up the last few books in the “Shopaholic” series and the last one in the “Sisterhood” series. I love reading. 🙂

Well, Jordan’s flight to come home has been pushed back a week so now he won’t be home until the last week of May. I know it’s only an extra week from the original date but it still feels like it will take even longer for these days to pass. Sometimes I wonder what things we might have done this month, what movies we would have watched, what food we would have cooked. It’s like this month is a pause, or just doesn’t exist for us at all.