Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

How I have neglected you, pretty little blog! I totally skipped over Christmas, which was great and involved lots of chocolate and delicious food, and gift-giving at my mom’s house. I even forgot to write about Jordan and I heading down once again to New Brunswick to spend a week with his family and eat even more delicious food!

And last but not least, we took off to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico during the first week of February and had a blast at the Meliá Resort. Lots of sunshine, plenty of food and drinks, a huge pool, fun times! Because I love taking photos oh so much, I shall post a few for your viewing pleasure:

February get-away

I’m sick with a cold. Just about everyone at work has suffered through one of these the past month and now it is my turn. I think it has been quite awhile since last I was sick. I feel like crap.

I got called into work yesterday. Gave me some extra hours after the cut-backs. I sneezed and blew my nose all night though. Now I have today off and tomorrow, and I’m planning on sitting around indulging in vitamin C.

In other news, Jordan and I have booked an 8 day trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, for February. I’m very excited about that. I can’t wait until he comes home.

Shake it, shake it *

I am on my third day off in a row and am getting very bored. I’ve read, played TS2 to my heart’s content, watched “Sex & the City” episodes, gone to the post office, made food, researched resorts in Puerto Vallarta….Thank goodness I have a shift tomorrow, otherwise I would go crazy.

Didn’t do anything for Thanksgiving. I worked on the Sunday, which is when my family had dinner over at Aunt Heather’s. So I didn’t get to go because they ate early in the day. Then on the Monday I sat around doing next to nothing while other people enjoyed turkey and stuffing. That evening, though, Keesje came over for dinner (stir fry) and we hung out for a bit. Downloaded some new music.

I might be going over to my mom’s for dinner tonight. I better phone and find out about that.

Oh I completely forgot to blog about my work’s Christmas stock night. On the 6th, a few of us went into work for 7 pm and worked on getting Christmas items out onto the floor until about 4:40 am when Angela and I finally punched out. It was quite a night. We were treated to Wendy’s frosties and other little treats while we worked. Also, Angela and I wrote a song while we worked; we were really tired and crazy. I believe we completed “The 12 Days of JYSKmas” by 3:30 am and sang it for those left over at 4 am. It was fun. 🙂