Let the music move you *

I had just started my Dominican post when my computer died! At first we thought it was the hard drive, but after talking to someone at work we figured out that it was the power supply. My husband brought me to Canada Computers downtown and we purchased a much better power supply. After installation, my computer was back to normal and would actually turn on. I was going crazy without my computer!

Now that I’m back, though, I’m going to be even more busy. We have recently received our posting message, which means we have until July to sell our house and buy a new one in our new location. I’m already stressed out trying to get the house in decent order. I feel like it’s a complete write-off, with stuff EVERYWHERE. Trying to purge, get rid of junk that we haven’t used since moving here, etc.

In other news, my nephew is almost 9 months old! He is starting to stand on his own for short periods of time. Uh oh! And he loves to play in curtains.

Playing in the curtains

I love him

I have also decided to participate in fatmumslim’s April photo challenge on Instagram.

April's photo challenge

April 1st - "Your reflection"

April 2nd - "Colour"

Hopefully I can keep up with this, even if I’m late to posting the photos on here. 🙂

The one with the wedding and new house

We have been married a week today. Everything fell together beautifully. The ceremony was perfect and didn’t take too long. It was all over before we knew it! My maid of honour and bridesmaids looked lovely in their dark purple dresses, and the best man and groomsmen looked great in their suits!

Yesterday I received my official wedding photos from one of my best friends, who did our pictures. There are over 900 shots and it’s going to be difficult to decide which ones to develop (and to post). The weather was beautiful and warm and the flowers in the park where we had the pictures done were in full bloom. We could not have asked for a more fantastic wedding day!

Jordan and I arrived at the reception a little late because I kept wanting more pictures! Once there, our guests greeted us with applause. It was wonderful to see all our family together. Some had traveled from Vancouver, Toronto, even New Brunswick. I had a great time chatting with everyone and dancing in my princess ballgown. The evening ended early, around 11:30 pm, but by then both Jordan and I were very tired.

Since I was starving, we went to Wendy’s drive-thru and brought it back to the hotel that a few of my friends had rented for us. We had a romantic late-night dinner of fast-food! A nice dip in the jacuzzi, too!

A week before the wedding, though, we moved into our first house. We spent three days moving everything out of the apartment. Some of Jordan’s friends and family from New Brunswick began to arrive at the end of the week and helped us unpack.

Now that all our guests have gone home and we are at the end of our vacation, things are starting to feel a little more normal. Back to work for me on Sunday!

Crash, bang, boom

Wow, we’re all moved in. We began last Friday morning by loading some things into the truck and racing across town to the military base to pick up our key. We needed to be at the new apartment by eight a.m. in case Cogeco showed up to install our phone line and internet. Held up by the insane amount of traffic trying to get across the causeway (these traffic jams being the result of the new arena that is being built downtown; some streets have been closed off). So by the time we got the key and got to the apartment it was almost 9 o’ clock, I think. All well and good, though, because neither the Leons truck nor Cogeco had shown up yet.

We brought some stuff in, hooked up the computer, plugged in the new cordless phones to charge. Around 9:30 the Cogeco truck showed up and the guy came in to set up our phone line and internet. Closer to ten the Leons truck arrived and promptly got itself stuck in a ditch in the ground while it was backing up to the back door. I watched from the balcony while Jordan hopped in his Ram and attempted to pull the delivery truck out of the ditch. This first attempt didn’t work so well; the back of the delivery truck started digging up pavement from the force and continued to stay stuck. Jordan pulled his vehicle around to the front of the truck and tried again; this time it worked and he pulled them out. It was a little nerve-wracking watching this as it looked like he was going to crash right into the apartment compound! No damage to Jordan’s truck was done, but the delivery truck’s bumper was quite destroyed! lol

After that fiasco, the guys carried up all our furniture we had ordered: a chocolate brown leather sofa, coffee table, and stand-up freezer. They also brought the front-loading washing machine and dryer down to the basement.

Once everything was in, we headed over to Jordan’s old place and loaded up his truck and Ryan’s truck with stuff. Piles upon piles. I think it took two trips to get just about everything. We spent that night trying to organize things.

The next day, Saturday, Jordan and I went over to my old apartment and loaded the truck to overflowing with my boxes and most of my furniture. He had a friend help us unload everything at the new place. One more trip to pick up some pieces that didn’t fit. We spent the weekend unpacking (sort of) and succeeded in building two espresso-coloured bookshelves, the coffee table, and a dresser.

This past week I have been working late shifts. During the morning before I go in I’ve put some stuff away. We’re still trying to figure out where things are going to go. Most of my clothes are still packed; we need to make room in the spare bedroom to move my dresser in there (no room in the master bedroom).

I love my new coffee maker. 🙂

I count the steps that you take *

Ew, I have a cold. I haven’t had a head cold in about six months. I forgot how horrible they are. I had to leave work early because my nose was running so badly (blowing my nose in between customers, so gross) and my head hurt.

Now I’m at home and Keesje is moving some of her stuff out and I would like to help but I am constantly blowing my nose. Can’t seem to avoid dust. Makes me sneeze.

Oh please let me be better by Friday, or even Saturday as that is my moving day. Is that too much to ask?

Only four more days to go

I worked five days straight, including Saturday and Sunday, and I am exhausted. The weekend was incredibly busy. I was very glad I had yesterday off and today as well.

On Monday I took the bus into work to exchange two panels of Suede Image winter pear curtains (extras) for two panels of Siam faux silk chocolate panels. After that I bought a drink at the Dollarama store and then hopped on the bus home. Now that the curtain situation for the bedroom and living room is sorted out, I now get to choose some for the computer room, spare room, and kitchen!

In the late afternoon Keesje and I went through our dishes and sorted them into piles: stuff I would keep, things she would keep, and stuff to donate.

When Jordan finished work he picked me up and we drove out to the mall. The bookcase I have been looking at went on sale at Zellers so I bought two and received an extra 10% off the sale price for signing up for the HBC credit card. Pretty sweet deal. I saved over $80 from the regular price!

As for today, I don’t think I will do much. Maybe a bit more packing. We will move some stuff over on Friday, but the big move takes place this Saturday!