Tea and sugar

We move in 11 days. The living room is filled with boxes, and I swear most of them are books. My room still looks a mess even though so much is packed.

I worked this weekend. It was insanely busy. By Sunday at close I was feeling a little stressed. Luckily I had Monday off and today as well. Yesterday I spent most of the day with Jordan. I helped him pack up some clothes, we had lunch, and then watched the movie “The Guardian”. In the evening he dropped me off at my apartment and he went fishing with a friend.

I bought “Gilmore Girls: Season 3” the other day. I love that show! As well as “Grey’s Anatomy: Season 1”.

I have a headache. I think I shall make a cup of tea with sugar and milk.

Confessions of a shopaholic…

Lately I’ve been going swimming with Jordan in the evening at the military pool. It’s relaxing to do that after work a few days a week. The pool is usually quiet and the hot tub’s nice.

I have also collected boxes and begun packing. My room is beginning to look like it was hit by a tornado. There are things all over the place, including the new stuff I’ve purchased for the apartment.

We finally got a cordless phone set, a 16-piece dinnerset, and a Hampton silverware set that matches the ones Jordan already has. Today at HomeSense I found a set of three ceramic canisters that are perfect for cookies, sugar, and tea. I’m so happy I found them because I had been looking for two days and hadn’t found anything remotely attractive; these ones are very pretty but not tacky-looking! Also picked up random things like plastic pop-top containers, a metal mixing bowl, a 3-pack of Wiltshire scissors that were on sale, oven mitts, and um a new Point Zero bag. hehe

I think one of these days I will need to do a reinstall of WordPress because the errors I have on my Dashboard must be causing the problem I am having with deletion of spam comments that are not sent to “moderation” or “akismet”. This is rather annoying. {edit} I tried reinstalling the script but I still got the same errors. Finally I reverted back to an older version and the errors have disappeared. {/edit}

In the heat of summer

Upgraded to the latest secure version of WordPress. Everything is working properly, although I have an error about an index_extra page in my Dashboard. I have no idea what it means and it doesn’t seem to be affecting anything so I’ll leave it for now.

It’s very warm in the apartment. I don’t feel like doing anything. I washed the dishes earlier, but now I don’t feel like cleaning anything else. I finished reading Shopaholic & Sister (Sophie Kinsella) a few days ago; read it in two and a half days. Such a funny book! And today I finished The Virgin’s Lover (Philippa Gregory), the third book in the series about Elizabeth I. I really liked it. And now I’ve begun The Undomestic Goddess (Sophia Kinsella).

I need to get some boxes so I can start packing.

Books are fun

I am feeling quite bogged down with work. I don’t have time for some things like I used to, like my websites, but I have renewed this domain for another year and I will continue to blog when I can and update fanlistings when I can.

I’m going to be moving early September. Jordan and I looked at apartments this morning near the military base (it is military housing) and I am pretty certain we have found a three-bedroom. We just have to wait for a confirmation. Ah, the joys of moving yet again.

Bought some new books today at Indigo: The Virgin’s Lover by Philippa Gregory to complete the trilogy, The Undomestic Goddess and Shopaholic & Sister by Sophie Kinsella, and The Josephine B. Trilogy by Sandra Gulland. Excited to get lots of reading done in the coming months when I have an hour-long bus ride to work. 🙂

Green frogs with bow-ties

Well we are all moved in. My room is unpacked but not decorated yet. The living room is sort of set up but we haven’t figured out where everything is going yet. The shelves are loaded with our movies and games, though. The kitchen is a mess at the moment. While we moved in there was a guy in the apartment painting so the walls were wet. That should have been done the day before, but whatever. Then yesterday he came in again to paint the kitchen cupboards. So today we can unpack the kitchen stuff. It’s a pain in the ass trying to search through boxes for a cereal bowl!

Ugh, there is no water pressure. Taking a shower sucks. And there is no electrical outlet in the bathroom so we have to blow-dry and straighten our hair in the kitchen…so dumb. But we have a cute shower curtain from my mom that is covered in green frogs!

Last night Jordan took us out to Canadian Tire and Price Chopper so we could pick up things like garbage cans, casserole dishes, scrub brushes for the dishes, etc. Then we came back to the apartment and he put together two kitchen chairs for us and I put the legs on the table. We have two more chairs to do tonight. Even though we were together the whole evening, I felt like we had barely spent any time together because we were shopping and building things.

Keesje and I are going to make honey garlic meatballs for dinner tonight and Jordan will be coming over for that — plus to build the chairs! lol

Off to work for me. I’ll be home late afternoon to do more unpacking.