The days just go by…

Not up to much lately; just working. Went over to Kendra’s on…Saturday, was it? I brought over a bunch of DVDs and we ended up watching “Mulan” and “Van Helsing”. I still haven’t watched my “Mulan II” DVD yet and how long ago did I buy it? lol Monday was Harry Potter Night at Kendra’s. We watched “Chamber of Secrets” and “Prisoner of Azkaban”. Marcel was over, too, and I don’t think he was too impressed with the movie choice. 😛

‘Tis all. Since I just made a new layout for Music-is-Magic of Oscar-calibre actress Kate Winslet (she was so robbed), I shall go put that up now!

So very tired

My head is pounding right now. This headache has come and gone for two days. There’s no ibuprofen in the house and I didn’t work today so I couldn’t pick any up from work. I should go to bed, as that helped yesterday.

Still working on transferring the domain name to Netrillium. I didn’t realize it would be so complicated with getting authorization keys, etc. Argh. I hope it goes through okay before the domain expires.

“It’s got more syllables, dude.”

Nothing important has happened since my last blog. See, my life is so exciting. I’ve been playing The Sims 2 a lot the last few days. I had taken a break from it — a two month break — and now I’m back into it. Whenever I get playing TS2 I forget about my online stuff. 😛

I really need to finish moving the rest of my fanlistings before the 22nd because that is when’s hosting account will expire. I’ll be renewing the domain name and then hosting it at my reseller. 😀 Anyway….must go play TS2.

“But your name tag says ‘My name is Wade’.”

My New Year’s Eve was spent unpacking my bedroom. Plans sorta fell through, but I guess that’s fine because it gave me a reason to get all my stuff put away. I am such a Procrastinator. Yes, with a capital P! 😛

Just got home from work and plan on moving some more fanlistings. Oooohh, Keesje bought Orange Crush pop without my knowing which is funny cuz I had a craving for it. She is psychic, ya know.

Oh my, the funniest thing I have watched in awhile — The Strangerhood. The mini soap opera videos are made from The Sims 2. Soooo funny! Drrrrrrrrrrnt.

Starting from scratch

Just today I received twenty spam comments on b2 so I switched to WordPress. Give me a little bit to get everything set up properly. Erm, anyone know how to get rid of that damn bullet beside my category “General”? Never mind, I just deleted that part cuz I couldn’t figure it out.

Okay, time to get in the shower and start getting ready for work.