Third trimester: Weeks 30 – 33

Week 30 (October 7)
Baby shower time! Technically I was 29 weeks for my baby shower on Sunday but for simplicity I will say 30 weeks (since my weeks begin on Mondays). I had a lot of fun and received some pretty amazing gifts from some amazing friends and family! Baby K will definitely not lack in the clothing department, that’s for sure! I will do a separate post about the shower.

This week at Prenatal Nutrition, a public health nurse spoke to us about breastfeeding. We made snack foods and played a questionnaire game. I guess I read too much because I got all the answers correct! I plan to breastfeed Baby K so it’s great to be given these extra resources. The nurse will come every two weeks and speak about a different topic. She’s doing this as a special favour because there aren’t any prenatal classes offered in our little village, and to be honest I don’t want to drive 30-40 minutes to go to one.

Weeks 30-31

Weeks 30-31

Week 31 (October 14)
Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoyed a delicious turkey dinner at a friends’. Unfortunately, Baby Girl takes up so much room that I can only eat small amounts at a time. My eyes definitely wanted more food but I just couldn’t manage more than a little scoop of each dish. I was falling asleep by 8 o’ clock.

Still having a lot of Braxton Hicks and craving celery/carrot sticks.

My appointment last Thursday was cancelled due to a birth and rescheduled for this Thursday with Kilmeny. This weeks’ check-up was pretty quick. She explained discharge procedures at the hospital and what items are provided for baby. Blood pressure good, fetal heart rate at 148 bpm, and fundal height at 30 cm. Baby Girl still has her head down and feet in my ribs!

I’ve gained 28.5 lbs total.

Week 32 (October 21)
She is constantly pushing her little leg up so high that I get a big uncomfortable lump on the top of my belly. She’s an active girl, constantly moving around and getting hiccups.

I’m still eating tons of carrots and celery. And chocolate.

At Prenatal Nutrition this week, the public health nurse showed up to speak about comfort measures during childbirth. Most of the measures I’ve already either read about or watched a video. She did, however, give us each a folder full of great pamphlets and booklets that I’m excited to go through!

I’ll be heading to Kingston at the end of the week to visit hubby, as he’s now on course there. Maternity photoshoot on Saturday!!!

Weeks 32-33

Weeks 32-33

Week 33 (October 28)
After 5 days of suffering, I broke down and called my midwife about the severe pelvic pain I’d been experiencing. It started almost the moment I reached Kingston and unloaded my stuff at mom’s and continued all weekend. Even once I returned home it still bothered me. In the morning, my pelvic area is sore but tolerable. By mid-afternoon, the pain gets considerably worse until I can hardly stand or walk. Stairs are almost impossible. At night, turning from my left side to my right side is agony. It feels like my pelvis is splitting apart. Anyway, Suki said it’s most likely symphysis pubis dysfunction (eek?!) and is quite common. She suggested I see an obstetric physiotherapist. I will be seeing Suki in 2 days and will find out for sure if that’s what I should do.

In other news, Jordan and I had maternity photos done with Cole Creations. I’m really excited to see how they turned out!

Second trimester: Weeks 14 – 17

Week 14 (June 17)
After a busy two days in Kingston visiting family and playing with my nephew, I woke up with what I found out to be round ligament pain. When I stood up or walked, it felt like a pulled muscle in my lower belly. I spent most of that day on the couch. After plenty of resting my body, I felt better. Up another pound this week for a total of 5 lbs gained.

Weeks 14-15

Weeks 14-15

Week 15 (June 24)
Nothing new to report for this week in regard to symptoms. I experienced normal aches and pains and continued to eat apples and blueberries every day. Started using Palmers massage cream on my belly. Total of 6.5 lbs gained.

Week 16 (July 1)
Had an appointment with the substitute midwife on July 4th. She took my blood pressure (normal) and weighed me (up 9 lbs total). She had me pee on a stick that checks for proteins and other stuff in your urine. Then I climbed onto the exam table and she palpitated my stomach. The baby was sitting just below my navel, which she said was where it should be at this point. This time she found the heartbeat, which was really cool to listen to! At first the heartbeat was 140 bpm, then it sped up to 150 bpm after the baby moved around a bit. She gave me a requisition and sterile bottle that I need to pee in and bring to the lab at my leisure. The second trimester anatomy scan was booked for July 29th at the large hospital. I will be 20 weeks at the time and Jordan will be home to go with me!

I joined a free Prenatal Nutrition group that meets Wednesdays. We made egg and cheese melts for lunch.

Weeks 16-17

Weeks 16-17

Week 17 (July 8)
I had spent the past weekend in Kingston for Ashe’s second birthday party. On the Saturday, just before I hit 17 weeks, I woke up with a runny nose and very sore throat. I ended up driving home on the Monday, feeling like crap, cutting my visit short. The rest of the week I suffered from a nasty cold. I took Tylenol for my headaches, sucked on Vitamin C Halls for my throat, and went through box upon box of tissues. By the end of the week I had developed a phlegmy cough. I had to skip this weeks Prenatal Nutrition meeting.