Second trimester: Weeks 26 – 27

Week 26 (July 27)
It was a HOT week! I don’t remember the heat bothering me that much when I was pregnant two summers ago; maybe I’ve just forgotten! A few nights of the week I wasn’t able to sleep much, even with two fans pointed at me and no blankets on. It was so sweltering hot on Wednesday that Jordan and I decided to hop in the car, blast the A/C, and drive to Pembroke for chocolate milkshakes and ice cream from the dairy. Meals have been a bit tricky because I didn’t want to turn on the oven. We’ve been living on cold salads and barbecued hamburgers or sausages, but one day I did make a creamy ranch chicken in the slow cooker. Oh, I finally pre-registered at the hospital I’ll be giving birth at.

Weeks 26-27

Week 27 (August 3)
Some websites consider this third trimester, but to make it easier I’m going to use 28 weeks as third trimester. My hips and pelvis are aching more, a sign that baby and belly are growing and that I’ve pushed myself too much for one day. In preparation for my mom’s upcoming visit, I did a lot of house cleaning, which exhausted me. I had one really bad night with SPD (symphysis pubis dysfunction); anytime I moved I would get shooting pains in my pelvis. Jordan had to help me to the bathroom in the middle of the night because I literally couldn’t stand up without collapsing.

My mom drove up on Saturday and we spent the weekend cooking yummy meals. She made my favourite mushroom risotto one night. She had a blast taking care of the chickens, constantly checking on them, feeding them, and collecting eggs. I think she enjoyed herself!

Second trimester: Weeks 24 – 25

Week 24 (July 13)
I turned 33 years old on the 12th. It was an extremely hot day. After church, we drove into Pembroke to return a video card and I looked at computers. I’ve decided my computer is no longer worth upgrading; nothing works properly on it and upgrading doesn’t work anymore. We had a quick A&W dinner at the mall and on our way home stopped at McDonald’s for a hot fudge sundae. I must say, there was not enough fudge on my ice cream! The next day I ordered a new computer from Canada Computers.

As far as pregnancy symptoms, things are normal but I’m not handling the heat very well. I don’t remember it being this bad when I was pregnant two summers ago. I have to sleep with two fans pointed at me, and even then I’m sooooooo hot. On Friday I saw my midwife. My blood pressure was 95/55 and baby’s heart rate was high 150s bpm. I declined the glucose screening test, but peed in a cup to test for UTI. Fundal height measured at 26 cm, which Suki said is alright but she can tell I have a lot of amniotic fluid. I have gained 21.2 lbs total.

That same afternoon we attended Stacey & Ryan’s barbecue. I was commissioned to bring dessert so I made raspberry cream bars and bakery style double chocolate chip cookies. The cookies were a huge hit!

Weeks 24-25

Week 25 (July 20)
Mid-week I went to Prenatal Nutrition and we made chilli. Every time I go I receive a $15 PC gift card, which is pretty awesome! The gift card actually does help with buying extra vegetables since our local grocery store is over-priced. On Thursday, our church worship team set up their instruments at the waterfront and performed for an hour. Jordan played the drums. They did great and the weather was perfect. Baby Boy was pretty active this week! He’s also sitting pretty low, by the look of my belly.

Second trimester: Weeks 14 – 17

Week 14 (May 4)
Hello to the second trimester!

Mothers Day occurred this week. I wasn’t looking forward to it. Last year at this time, we took Khloë to the zoo and spent the weekend in Toronto. This year, she is gone. The hardest thing to come to terms with is being her mama but not having her with me to celebrate. Spending all these special holidays without her truly sucks.

On Saturday I felt the baby move for the first time! I felt a rolling sensation while I was sitting on the sofa. I felt it again later in the afternoon. In the evening the baby pushed right up against my lower belly.

Weeks 14-15

Week 15 (May 11)
My weight gain is 6.8 lbs according to the pregnancy app I use. I’m interested to see how much I gain this time around. With Khloë, I gained 38 lbs and gave birth two weeks early. My belly keeps getting in the way; I am definitely bigger this time around, equivalent to around 18 weeks with Khloë. I’ve been sleeping on my left side but tend to wake up on my back.

On Thursday I saw my midwife. The baby’s heart rate is 150 bpm and my blood pressure is low at 100/60. Weight gain was at 8.6 lbs.

We also spent Friday to Monday in Kingston for the long weekend. The Nicholsons looked after the baby chicks for us. On the Saturday we went to Leeder Monuments and picked out a beautiful red heart-shaped monument for Khloë. Then we stayed overnight at the cottage. I slept poorly because I kept having nightmares about saving Khloë’s life over and over again. My mom did a nice barbecue lunch for us on Sunday.

Week 16 (May 18)
I’m getting so anxious for the anatomy scan! A few more weeks away… Not much to report this week, other than we had the Nicholsons over for dinner. Their two boys love our chickens. They still talk about the time they were “chicken farmers” while we were away.

Weeks 16-17

Week 17 (May 25)
I cleaned up the blender and made my first summer smoothie this week. I love drinking them when it’s warm out–milk, banana, frozen berries, greens, yogurt, and probiotic. I even poured the leftovers into popsicle molds. And then later I made home-made fudgsicles! I was outside catching chickens on Thursday when I heard someone call my name. I turned around and there was my mom and aunt and uncle! They decided to stop in on their way up north for a quick visit. On the Sunday they actually stopped in on their way back from my cousin’s graduation. I made pasta salad, sausages, and lemon cream squares for lunch. I’m at 12 lbs gained.

Second trimester: Weeks 26 – 27

Week 26 (September 9)
We spent the week exploring Washington, D.C. So much walking, even with the convenient metro system. Normally when we travel I can handle all the walking, but this time it really took its toll on me! We stopped as often as possible so I could rest on a bench and for the most part I had a water bottle with me to keep hydrated. The heat was very bad, at least 34°C plus humidity every day. I felt the worst on the day we went to the National Zoo; it’s all outdoors and I was very tired and light-headed from the constant sun. A few times we ducked into an air-conditioned exhibition (birds, etc) to cool off. Usually by the end of each day, my lower belly was starting to hurt, my hips would grind, and I would get quite a bit of sciatica pain. But I’m still glad we took this “babymoon” and we both enjoyed our time at the National Aquarium in Baltimore, and the zoo and National Mall in Washington. By the time we returned home, I gained only 1 lb! I figured after all the fast food and restaurants that it would have been more, so I was pleasantly surprized!

Weeks 26-27

Weeks 26-27

Week 27 (September 16)
This particular week I spent recovering from vacation! My belly definitely feels larger and rounder. Baby K is very active and I love to sit and watch all the crazy movements going on. Not much else to report, other than my next midwife appointment is coming up.

Second trimester: Weeks 22 – 25

Week 22 (August 12)
Lately I’ve been feeling a lot of movement. Her kicks were very strong this week; even Jordan felt them. She seems to be most active in the morning, after breakfast, and then of course at night when I’m falling asleep. Picked up supplies to paint Baby K’s first name in wood letters for the nursery. I also printed “thank you” notes onto white cardstock and made colourful envelopes with scrapbook paper (for the baby shower). I have so many decorating ideas!

Weeks 22-23

Weeks 22-23

Week 23 (August 19)
Sometimes when Baby K kicks, it’s so hard that I jump! Getting closer to my next midwife appointment.

In other news, I finished painting the wood letters, sealed them with a clear coat, and glued on pink silk flowers and silver pearls. They look amazing! I used turquoise and pink for the paint. I also framed some 12×12 fairy tale scrapbook paper, embellished with flowers and rhinestones, for the nursery.

Week 24 (August 26)
My midwife appointment on August 30th went well. I met Suki for the first time and immediately felt comfortable with her. This time my husband came with me, as he was available. We discussed a little about what I wanted for pain relief at the hospital. I explained that I originally wanted an epidural as soon as possible, but now I’m not so sure. The hospital only has one anesthesiologist on staff who works specific daytime hours and I cannot be guaranteed he won’t be needed elsewhere for emergencies. Even if I wanted an epidural, I may not get one (which happened to a friend a few weeks ago). Suki mentioned that, although they no longer use Demerol for pain relief, there is a similar opiate, Dilaudid, that is safer that can be offered if I’m looking to take the edge off. She said we would talk more about pain relief later; she just wanted to get me thinking about it. I really like that she will tell me my options and then let me decide; nothing will be pushed on me at the hospital. I also mentioned that I wanted to avoid an induction unless it was absolutely necessary.

Baby K’s heart rate this time was 146 bpm. My blood pressure was excellent. Fundal height was at 23 cm (on the good side of normal for 24 weeks).

Suki gave me the option of either doing the glucose tolerance test in a couple weeks or close monitoring of weight gain and growth of baby. Since I’m not at risk for gestational diabetes, I chose to keep an eye on my weight gain and be careful with eating sugars. This means less bloodwork for me to do! Next appointment is September 27th.

Weeks 24-25

Weeks 24-25

Week 25 (September 2)
We had a natural gas furnace installed this week. The city will be extending gas lines in October and then we will be all set for winter. I missed my Prenatal Nutrition group this week because of the installation. I’ll miss it again next week as we will be away on vacation. Allergies really bothered me the past two weeks, especially at night when I’m trying to sleep. I hate itchy eyes.

I’m at maximum stretchability with some of my tank tops (like in Week 25 picture). I can’t believe how large and round my belly is now! Total weight gain is at 21.5 lbs!