Bras and goldfish

I have a really hard time finding bras to fit me. The specialty stores like La Senza or Silk & Satin don’t carry small enough sizes, and Lane and I recently discovered that neither Wal-Mart nor Zellers sells small sizes anymore. We had gone bra shopping two days ago and found nothing, but Lane’s mother told us that she found bras at Zellers that might fit us so yesterday we went back to look. Turns out they were in the girls section! lol And they did fit. I guess we just can’t shop in the women’s section. 😛

On Wednesday Sophie had a movies night at her house. Lane and I went over after work and we watched “Monster-in-Law” and “In Good Company”. Both were good movies, although I didn’t like the end of “In Good Company”. Erin came over for an hour, too, and we took pictures and drank pina coladas. I’m not very fond of those drinks. Blech. I had to work at ten o’ clock Thursday morning so we had to wake up early to get ready and then Lane drove me to work. I felt so blah because I didn’t even have a shower; I just wet my hair, dried it, and threw it into a ponytail.

And then something funny happened to me at work! The day started out normal…an old man swore at me because the oranges he paid for were not on sale. Um, like that’s my fault asshole. Normal dumb customers. Then these two guys came in and I noticed they kept walking by my cash. They were probably in their mid-thirties. Anyway, finally they came to my cash and put this big bag of popcorn and another item on the belt and hid something behind the popcorn. I scanned the popcorn and the other item and then noticed that the thing they were hiding was a goldfish in a bag of water! I looked at the fish, raised my eyebrow, looked back at them. Meanwhile they’re grinning and laughing (and Cindy at the cash beside me is laughing too) and the one guy says, “What, you don’t like our fish?” It was amusing so I was chuckling too, but I was thinking how I had to get these guys out of my line! lol Then the one guy picks up the bag and says, “My fish would like to know if you’d go out for coffee with us.” I just about burst out laughing and said, “Uh, no thanks. That will be $4.15 please.”

Come on, these guys were wayyyyy older than me, what were they thinking? Then they said, “Oh we’re just joking around with ya. We just wanted to tell you that we think you’re really pretty.” Finally they left me alone after that! LOL They did come back into the store a second time but they told me they weren’t going to bug me anymore and they went through someone else’s line. 😛

So damn broke

I haven’t really felt like blogging lately, mostly because there isn’t much to talk about other than work. And let’s face it, that gets a little boring. This week Kendra and I drove out — in the blazing heat, with no air conditioning — to a little town near our city to shop at the Giant Tiger store. I ended up buying pink pyjama shorts and a new pink bikini! 😀 We stopped for hot fudge sundaes at McDonald’s and took pictures with my digital camera. I shall not show them here because we had pretty funny-looking hair from driving with the windows down on the highway. lol

Last Saturday I went shopping with Lane and Jocelyn but I was good and didn’t spend any of my money. As a birthday gift my mom gave me money to buy a bigger CompactFlash card for my camera, so I got that.

Anyway, Lane is dragging me to a bonfire party tomorrow night. The party is being thrown by another girl I work with, and a bunch of work people will be there, so I hope I can bring myself to be less shy. I’ve never been to a bonfire party before. Also, I’m pretty broke and will probably have just enough money at the end of the month to make my OSAP loan payment. Ahhhh I still have two dinner events to go to as well. Let me repeat — so broke!

She makes an impression *

I’m back from Toronto. Of course I had a shit-load of spam comments to delete. That was fun. But not as fun as T.O.! haha I didn’t buy as much as I thought I would, which is good.

I found Tegan & Sara’s first CD, “This Business of Art”, and Jennifer Lopez’s “Rebirth” CD at Sonic Boom for cheap; and I bought Garbage’s “Bleed Like Me” and Kelly Clarkson’s “Breakaway” albums. All great CDs! Bought a pretty hairband. And Angel Food perfume by Demeter at Sephora. OMG that store smelled like heaven. Found “Charmed: Season 1” DVD set for a pretty good price, too. Oh! And a $3 purse that is so adorable and green.

As an early birthday gift Nancy gave me some vanilla cream Lipsmackers, a pretty purple bracelet, and a Dayna Manning t-shirt! Thanks Sha-nay-nay! 😉 Ugh, but on the last day I felt sick all day…I think it was the Pizza Hut pizza…and I still don’t feel well today. I shall leave you with this:

Remember when…

– Nancy threw her umbrella onto a busy street and after it’s rescue she left it on the subway.
– Nancy and I stalked Shae with our cameras at CSOI.
– the bitchy ladies at CSOI got out of their seats 75197532 million times and each time they came the LONG way around, making us move to let them through, rather than going the SHORT way by exiting on their OWN side.
– Nancy spotted Shae’s mom in the audience.
– Shae first appeared on the ice with Jeff Buttle we screamed, “We love you Shae”, and then Keesje added, “It’s okay, we love you too Jeff!”
– Our cameras were in sync during “Who Wants To Live Forever”…We have that program memorized.
– Jamie entertained the audience before the re-takes by practically introducing everyone she knew in the arena, regaled us with her engagement story, and then scooted off the ice at mach speed.
– Kurt had to re-do his program over and over because he kept screwing up.
– Nancy yelled, “We love you Sylvia” when Jamie introduced Sylvia Fontana in the audience.
– Nancy, Keesje, and I were given free blinking HSBC key chains and Keesje got the special one.
– there was only one bottle of Angel Food perfume left at Sephora and I bought it so that Nancy couldn’t.
– We were bored as hell after shopping at the Eaton Centre, so we sat on the fountain and took a gazillion photos of ourselves. And then we took pictures of our Starbucks coffee.
– It rained the entire weekend.
– We ate fluffy strawberry cheesecake at Marché.
– Nancy and I orderd the adult portion of chicken fingers & fries at Marché but couldn’t finish it…We should have ordered the children’s portion for $3 cheaper.
– Nancy and I thought the pasta was $9.99 when it was actually $4.99, which is why we ordered the chicken fingers.
– the Marché waiter hated us cuz of all our dishes.
– Nancy and I couldn’t find the toll booth at King Station.
– Nancy called out for Keesje at Downsview Station…even though Kees hadn’t even arrived on the bus yet.

“Candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker.”

I’m going away for the weekend to visit Nancy. Keesje and I catch the train Saturday morning. Our itinerary includes Stars On Ice tomorrow night; mall shopping and cheesecake, and probably a movie, on Sunday; and on our final day we will be shopping downtown for used CDs/books/magazines/movies, etc. It’s going to be an exhausting three days, which is why I’m going to bed so early. 🙂 And guess what? My cold has faded away.

A visit from Nancy

Nancy came down today. Met her at the train station and then brought her home to meet Destiny, who surprizingly hardly barked at her at all. lol We pretty much just hung around the house for awhile until Keesje had to leave for work, so we went to the bus stop with her, then Nancy and I continued downtown. Had supper at Copper Penny…mmmmm! Then went to the theatre to see “The Wedding Date”. I found the movie very cute, although some characters weren’t fleshed out that well. But I’d definitely watch it again. Now we’re home and Kees and Nance are watching wrestling. Snore. lol Plans for tomorrow are shopping, yay!

Oh! Nancy brought me an autographed picture of Dayna Manning, which totally rules and now I need to find a frame for it so I can hang it on my wall!